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  1. Some footage from Roman. The clips were filmed in 2014, but the video was made tomorrow.
  2. I think my bike can compete too. It's really low budget setup, but it rides very good and I love it!
  3. And the vaper?
  4. Interested in this frame. Somebody is riding on this? Not quite the usual geo, compared other new frames today - 1015, 358, 70. It's comfortable? For TGS, I think.
  5. Is kebab worse than soda?
  6. Hello all! Does anyone tried to riding Czar Street Trials 24" 2015-2016 year model? Because I'm not from UK, in my country we have diffirent prices for Inspired, compared to Czar or Echo bikes. And the Czar 24" cost almost half price of the Inspired. So, the question is - can this bike do the job well? Geo of 2015 model is - 995 WB, 375-380 CS, +15 BB, 73 angle tube. Looks like near to Inspired frames?