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  1. In theory: If it fits with no adaptor and a 180mm disc - it's the adaptor. If it fits on another pair of forks with the adaptor - it's the fork disc mount. If it doesn't fit either - it's the caliper. If you can be bothered to try all the options, then at least you know if you need to send the forks back.
  2. It's because the the theoretical axis of the inner track / raceway is slightly out of alignment with the mounting thread (and probably outer track / raceway - OD. alignment). So basically yes - shit tolerances. Although it shouldn't affect the performance as long as the two tracks are round, concentric and do not have too much run out.
  3. Nice shorts!
  4. Liking that smooth style, great to watch.
  5. What a video, if all vids where half as good as this the world would be a better place!
  6. Think it's the trialtech sport, about 3 years old, round hole, double wall as stated in title. Anyone know the ERD. Think in might be 542mm but not sure.
  7. I have a similar setup (knocked up at work) with two hard steel pins pressed into a backplate then a big bolt through the middle to hold it all together, works every time.
  8. Ha ha yeh, thought that was going to be the final shot. Amazing vid though, non stop quality from start to finish.
  9. I'm running a der Baron with maxxis whelterweight tube and have had maybee one or two max punctures in nearly three years. Quite often run with fairly low pressure as well. Thinking about ut when i first had a der barron i had a maxxis DH tube in and it seemed worse for puncture resistance than the whelterweight.
  10. FAG, LUK and INA are all divisions of the Schaeffler group but aim at different markets. It's probably more important to make sure you get the right design/spec than worry too much about brand/manufacturer (el cheapo shit aside). Most Schaeffler products should be good but i know SKF are top quality aswell.
  11. It ended too soon. Which seams to be a rare occurrence with trials vids nowadays!
  12. I'll second that.
  13. Bit late now but i'm running a Der Baron, i think you get a little more bounce than with the Der Kaiser. As you probably remember i've always been keen on a light rear tyre but the Der Baron with a maxxis whelterwieght (best trade off between light weight and a bit of pinch resistance imo) isn't much heavier than my old setup. Add in the extra bounce and incredible puncture resistance and your on to a winner. Maybe next time though eh.