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  1. mate, no ofeence, but why ask anyone on here what to do to YOUR bike? its yours dude, do what the hell you want to it! i'm a sad b*****d and i got my frame colour matched to my civic! so it;ll look awesome on the bike rack! make it your own!
  2. Remember me? "Mr I would never get a little bike" haha. now the Giant is in the shed waiting to be sold and i'm shopping for a Mod. Things change mate!!
  3. I had the same problem on my Giant. I wanted a Ronnie on the rear and found it wouldn't fit without filing the pads down. So thats what i did!!! If you have a grinding wheel or something like that, its so much easier than filining. just a grinding wheel and mole grips and your sorted. hope this helps.
  4. It's a nice bike. get some nice CNC's cranks on there!!! and a new headset!!!
  5. BUMPO - read first post
  6. tom go on msn soon

  7. Urm, a bit harsh? are you wanting to be validated? this topic isn't helping! but the short on the right is funny!!!
  8. hey its ben from nass you got a tmag ive got those cranks i had on my bike if you want them for like a 10er and a bb shouldnt be a problem hope you ok havnt been validated yet so have to talk on here cya ben

  9. Was originally a post for tuesday but i thought i'd edit and make it for tomorrow. short notice i know. 11 @ copthorn for those who wanna come
  10. Are you taking all the stuff off your Gimp and putting on a ZIP? If you are then I would think about getting a second hand full bike. Also, go and ride RR trials bikes. They are lush. I rode Rorys a while back and really liked it. The only downer is the Fall Guy forks but the rest of the bike makes up for those tank like forks.
  11. Sorry mate but this section is to post pics of YOUR bike. Yeah they are some nice bikes but they aren't yours. Well maybe the first one is. Also none of them are trials bikes!
  12. When it comes to gaps, everyone seems to think that they can measure with their eyes on here. When you only really know how big the gap was. Sweet little vid there. Keep practicing and get it smoother, then it will be perfect. Adding on to what Alex said, try the gap from 2 pallets, but also try getting up onto the back wheel instead of bash. Basically, do the the same as you have been doing but with less pallets. Keep stacking up the pallets one by one and try getting onto them without using the bash. Try and go straight to back wheel. This will help with the smoothness and will make it look mint. It will also help your back wheeling skills and may even help you learn to tap! I hope you understand that. I know what i mean. I'm not too good at explaining without a visual demonstration. Sorry if you don't Tom
  13. Does that help him in anyway? Didn't think so Going by your name, i'm guessing you ride a mod. This has been said a lot in this post but unless you have ridden the bike you want, don't get it. I have ridden a Python and they are lush bikes, I haven't ridden the Pitbull but I have been told that the Geo is similar to that of the Holroyd by 24Seven. I have ridden that bike and I get on with that one too. Luckily for me I can pick up a stock or a mod and be able to ride them to pretty much the same standard. I would recommend you go and find the someone who owns these bikes and have a ride before you make up your mind. Tom
  14. It's this weekend friday to sunday at the Bath and West Showground in Somerset. for details and prices.
  15. The ZOO! Pitbull is most probably stronger but if you look at the price on the link, it is most definatly not cheaper. The Holroyd frame on Ebay is only £250 with BB, cranks, bars and stem. You may already have all this but you can sell the bits you don't want to get some money back Cool!!!