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  1. hey, looking to get some new bars and a stem and im not really sure what to get. any advice would be much appreciated cheers chris
  2. agree with all you on here i love my middleburn runs reli smooth had a lil prob with creaking but nothin a lil bit of oil didnt fix
  3. me and a mate tried baby oil today its thinner than water but didnt reli give the required results and didnt reli have the time to fart ass about tryin to mess with bubbles. the brakes were tight and they gripped nice but still wasnt as good as water. also now that the weather starting to get cold using ani freeze in water a good idea as it will stop the water freezing.
  4. also seen as nobody has wrote it when you have your bike sorted and are looking as to where to go next is a very good site when learning tricks it helped me alot
  5. been ridin in gillingham for most of today reli good ride, and dockside, loads of rocks good for natural ridin
  6. got a onza t-rex, with kona project 2 forks rides so sweet gotta love it lol
  7. jus got my magura's set up reli sweet been bled recently and my new pads are just wearing in really nice to ride with think maguras for me personally
  8. hard not to laff reli wen its not you, felt the face plant into the phone booth though obviously not a good day lol
  9. if you've only got 100 pounds an echo would probably fit your need take a look here
  10. excellent riding mate loving the rims go reli nice with the frame, keep it up
  11. no dont worry about it grindin will make your breaks stronger and more reliable you just need the right pads on, your brake be sweet when you get your new pads
  12. its nice but reli not too sure about the blue forks dont go with the frame and they dont stand out even in a good way lol jus re-spray em or get some new forks other than that nice bike
  13. my bike
  14. nice vid longer one would def be good though, bit dark in places but good
  15. its just a matter of sitting tight the less you do the faster itl heal, have broken toes fingers ribs etc. its a shita i kno jus gotta let it heal. jus stay off it and find sumin to do
  16. hey just started riding trials been riding bout on mates and bros bike and trials definately the best. always had fun skateboarding but the rush you get from trials is definately beta than skating