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  1. That was great, nice to see how far you've come.
  2. They were shut after a take over by, I believe, Gas Gas. To the bloke above, give tartybikes a ring about a bash, I'm sure megamo bashes weren't that different from others apart from being steel. Otherwise, get one made, it's a shame to let a good bike sit idle for the sake of a bit of metal.
  3. This is all academic cos the nicest sounding engines don't run on petrol or diesel Ignoring that, anything other than a sodding straight four. A ducati V-twin perhaps, or a sixteen litre Scania, something with a syncopated beat like a galloping horse.
  4. Right I'll get looking when it isnt so dark. Not too bothered about the licensing business because it's got continuous history from the time it was changed to a V8, I'd just like to know why some bits don't fit very well p.s. will the mot man worry about door pillars on the bulkhead? they're a bit religious.
  5. Does anyone know if there's a number stamped on the chassis of a series two, and if there is, where it might be? Similarly axles and gearbox, none of my books are helping Most of this motor appears to be series two but its had a bloody hard life and a lot has been replaced over time, it'd be nice to get straight with what's what.
  6. Even in a power 'box, you still need to swallow a book of rules the size of the bible to tell the computer what's wanted and check it isnt making a cock up. Likely he's in a manual box if he's got time and privacy to bugger about on tarty Bloody frozen points, I spent most of yesterday clearing snow from them, then got back on a nice warm footplate and all the snow on my cap and coat melts and went down neck
  7. My book of lies reckons red position, that's how I did mine anyway.
  8. You're right, it wont stop threads stripping out from sheer force, but in my experience brake mount threads usually tear out due to friction and grease will most certainly help. Molybdenum for preference, lithium is fine, copper tends to grind away at aluminium in threads that are often adjusted like brake bolts.
  9. Wanker supplies actually had a motor worth buying then? I quite fancied one of these at auction, but twelve grand was a little bit too much
  10. Anybody know if you can get poly engine mounts for a mk2 golf gti?
  11. Lovely job, bit of preparation and it all goes so smoothly You did better than us, the old engine refused to come upwards out of boumsong's scirocco, so we dropped it on the floor and lifted the car over it. Words like "Is this safe?" and "be reet youth" were exchanged
  12. Wash it out properly with diesel and then soak it in oil. If that not work, mend it with a new one. From memory, there isnt the space to put a sealed bearing in, even if you could get one in a thin enough section that didnt cost the earth.
  13. Any idea who to talk to within your company about training and apprenticeships? I'm going to be out of a job shortly and I wouldn't mind being in the power industry.
  14. Will they play "im forever blowing bubbles" at his funeral?
  15. Bummer, just as he was about to make a whole pile of money too