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  1. Crashed mine a month ago and broke me collar bone, sprained pretty much every shoulder muscle, crushed me foot and memory loss. If it wasn't for the witnesses I wouldn't have known what even happened, last thing i remember was the floor getting really close to my face. All this from a small bump in the road and a cold tyre on a slight bend. Bike hit the bump, span up, back end right then left and pretty much did a 180 at 35ish. Wear your gear people as I did all that damage wearing it. Not a lot of damage to the bike though as the engine bars did a mint job. Couple more weeks and I should be back in the saddle
  2. My bandit 600 is for sale if anyone is interested. 27k miles, mot end of April, tax 09/2013 Bridgestone bt023 tyres with 200 miles on them. Had a new oil cooler 5000 miles ago Original chrome headlight, newish seat cover, art end can and link pipe. Would like £1050 ono. Pm me if you're interested
  3. Whoops
  4. Not been on here for a while. Got myself a new toy this week Is an absolute animal
  5. If you can get hold of the old magura CNC levers then get those. had them on mine, comfier than any other lever I tried.
  6. I don't actually know. Was like 9 years ago mind.
  7. up and sideways, preferably attached to the bike.
  8. Good bikes. Even though mate has gone through 3 sv engines since ive known him ( like 2 years) They just dont like being hammered and wheelied a lot (stupid reverse oil pickup, oil drains away from the pickup on the back wheel) Got a new rear tyre on my beast, michelin pilot road 3. f**k me the thing grips well in the rain and ive only done 30 miles on it, 22 in the dry!
  9. Zee new bike Sidestand isn't on as I was in the middle of painting it Wondered why my rear brake was binding, took the caliper off and found this... Popped the pistons out and found that the dust seal slot was completely full of road salt, as was a section of the pressure seal. Rebuilt it now with fresh seals and red rubber grease, nice free spinning wheel
  10. I stopped riding in about 2007, then got into bmx, then bought a motorbike. Tried getting back into trials and bmx but hated them so gave up. Only use TF now for the odd bit of chit chat. Ironically work as a cycle mechanic too but dont own a bike lol
  11. Pick the bandito up tomorrow, literally going to shit myself I'm that excited! Ordered uite a few bits for it already, like oxford nano copy indicators, front/ rear wheel and frame crash bobbins, front and rear paddock stands, 280 piece stainless bolt kit for £8! and some bits to give it a service. Next up is an R6 rear shock (need to make some 10mm I.D bushings for the bottom mount for it to fit) and some progressive front springs with thicker oil.
  12. Will be keeping the 6 for abit to get used to riding a bike that weighs a planet then going to trade up for the 1200. Could have gone 1200 first but thought against that. Will be sorting the handling out on it, dont worry
  13. Sacked off the idea of a 450 supermoto as the price of a rebuild is abit too much for me to be able to afford on the wage im on since I do hardly any hours at the moment. Buuuut, I got myself a tidy little bandit 600 to play with Getting it monday, should be good. Only 20k miles too so not bad.
  14. They go 2nd hand in worse nick than mine for £2500 easy. It's only on for £1900 so whoever gets it has got a bargain. That and the fact everything people do to them like exhaust system and tail tidy have been done
  15. Had to re list the beast as it didnt sell first time. Went back to the dealership the other day just to see what they would offer me... £1400 HAHAHA. Bikes bloody £4200 new you bells.