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  1. Hey, thanks for the comments The coust i had, was a normal saint blaise frame, i bought from michel coustellier. The rear tire is a maxxis highroller double ply with 40a compund. The grip of this tire is incredible, but it´s not so bouncy as a rubber queen.
  2. Hey mates, got my Piranha frame last week. I switched from coust to zoo, because i wanted to try the higher bb. Rides very well!
  3. I found a picture of my Crescent from maybe 2003.
  4. We filmed some things last Sunday, and i tried to make a little vid. But ok, here you go: sonntagtrial.wmv comments are welcome
  5. i like that vid. but whats the second song?
  6. pink is for girls
  7. i very like this vid. How is the rider with the german part?
  8. I can make you a good price for my old Crescent frame. Should be ideal for your ultralight project
  9. lol, whats that?
  10. I prefer Cousts
  11. But that´s a good idea. Some shoots from the beginning´s would be interesting. I mean the time, when you rode for Echo, and for Koxx. An interview would be cool, maybe? only an idea
  12. It´s a very cool vid, but only big move riding. An old Coustellier vid, from maybe 2003 is much better, than this. But keep it up,
  13. Rode some city last weekend with a mate, and we filmed some stuff. Comments are welcome: I´m the black man Sunday city ride
  14. The name of Deng´s friend is :Huangguanghua
  15. Beasty riding!!!!!!!!f**k whats the song?