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  1. can i come on a bmx? bit cheeky?
  2. hi would you do that single speed kit for 3 pound posted??



  3. NICE looks top with that spec put that mini seat on and will look 10 times better haha jk. actualy miss it
  4. Youtube Video -> ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">
  5. If i could find someway of fitting a brake to these 24" wheels im getting soon and if it looks and rides ok id come along. Or stick with 26s lol. Bit of a roadtrip down in the mini ;] should be good. Hopefully see you all there x
  6. Anyone spot the person on the trials bike in the mr tourette sketch??
  7. Anyone ever tried recording the lottery, then buying a ticket with the winning numbers so you can pretend youve won the week after? Pretty sure i saw it on youve been framed once. Lmao
  8. yea i will try to see if my dad will let my buy hes a tite ares :P

  9. also mate are the mod bars im not sure when or if im allowed to by yet

  10. might be interested in youre bars mate

  11. You have recieved a new feedback. Below are details concerning the new feedback. Type: Good Rating SummaryGood lad, pleasure to talk to, spot on ;] Given By: cas You were the: Seller Date: 1199992436
  12. LOUTH boyz
  13. on the bollocks! LOL that compilation was crap. last clip
  14. ? what more do you want?
  15. ROBOT NINJA DINOSAUR BASTARDS! my profile song