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  1. WOW! awesome vid!! cant wait to see you on stock! so hurry up!! .....NOW!!! no your still reading!! GO OUT RIDING!!!!
  2. Me and Domink Raab riding this and last summer here in Germany...hope you guys enjoy.
  3. Joar läuft....ich bin aus NRW bei Bonn...und der Dominik is aus Österreich... @davey: What? you dont know domink raab? take a look at his website hes a professional trials rider like jeff lenosky and ryan leech. sorry for the quality its youtoob i guess my n95 makes damn good videos but its still a mobile phone. Editing was done in an hour so i will do better next time maybe
  4. thanks mate =) No, i am still ridin i would never stop that if i am not forced to. I rode a bit street before trials ridin and i like manuals a lot so i trained them =) Felix and me will set a new video on soon i guess, hopefully he will move even more close to my house =) so we will ride together as much as we can, so i will be able to film a lot.
  5. thanks thats a good comment and well spoken critic =) it was a funny time and we wanted to show that... but you would have to learn german to laugh about these things never mind thank you =) oh and sorry for the quality it is a mobile phone video
  6. come on guys this vid is great, more comments even more better then all others =)
  7. First i was a bit confused about the controls in this game...but once you knwo how it works it's soooo much fun!! just awesome! Check this game out! (Y) (Y)
  8. nice vid mate! and i definatly want that N95...does anybody sell one?
  9. still in love with you!
  10. Best vid for months now! Love you and your ashton! although mine is better!
  11. ooooh dear! i loved the first promo vid of him sooo much! cant wait to download it!!! i will not watch it on youpoo...such a great rider must be on my harddrive! so please hurry up! and thanks for posting! :-O damn it looks like i found it!!! will edit when watched!!!!
  12. that was Greeeeeeeeaaaat!!!!
  13. whats the name of the song? just watched the end!...and that helped cant find the song! does anybody have it and would send it me? msn is:
  14. if you want one just give hoffmann bikes a mail...they make custom trials bikes with the geo of your choice! prices are around 500-600€ i believe.... weight about 1.9kg...i believe and these dropouts are awesome! i believe.... btw f**kin damn good vid!!!!!1111
  15. Just loved it! could watch a vid like that every hour!!!
  16. sweeeeeeeeeet! liked those tree taps and tap du 180° drop off...
  17. very good video from the show we did for cosmos in Cologne on Mai the 1st! It was a huge battle between Marco and Felix!
  18. yeah right, you aaaare the gangstaaa of the hood. best baller ever!
  19. Yeah Ben, loved them both, prefered the "stock" a bit but thos gaps to front in "spools" were amazing! your definatly one of the sympatico riders! keep them comin
  20. this is just awesome! very smooth style goes very big!!! (the 9mb video)
  21. one Euro-pallet is 14,5cm (10ep=145cm) so they are not as high as yours!
  22. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!! put it on tv.isg pleeease!!!!! and dont stop riding again!
  23. comments would be great! right click, save tartget as...for download!
  24. thx mate, ...yeah i am able to run that tyre that low because i only weight 62kg and never had a flat since i ride the try all tyre! (for 6months now)
  25. That was aaaawesome!!! he's the ukrain NEil Tunnicliffe!