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  1. Yeah sure, I'll get some pictures as well. I've been having a bit of think about some other possible ways of doing it after reading a few posts about people going tubeless on fat bike wheels.
  2. I'm going to give this a go on some Trial Tech SL rims. Had quick google and found a guy on the net who has managed it with these particular rims as I was initially questioning whether it would be possible with the rectangular stamped holes. Interestingly this guy used some laminate flooring underlay foam to fill the dip in the centre of the rim and then used the gorilla tape over the top to build up the height to help with getting air in to the tyre initially - might be worth knowing if you're trying a conversion with more conventional trials orientated rims. Link here. When I get round to it, process is likely to be: existing rim tape, I just use a single wrap of aluminium foil tape - looks quite nice on the stamped rims. potentially a layer of thin foam to build height - going to try avoid this if possible but looks like it might be necessary. 20" tube cut down the middle and stretched over the rim in order to make a tubular setup similar to Ali's, also take care of the valve. DIY "huck-norris" made from a 15mm thick closed cell yoga matt (less than a tenner from eBay). toss in some sealant. cross fingers. attempt to seat tyre with track pump. swear, a lot. accept failure and go back to tubes.
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  5. I laughed so hard i nearly shat myself when i read that! Now, wheres my try-all tin..... :lol:
  6. I think he worked that out for all in all a really helpfull post mate...
  7. Hey. I need a little bit of help finding a video for a presentation im ment to be doing for college. It needs to be short (about a minute or two long) and straight to the long into. Something fairly mental too would be ace but the point is to sum up our sport in a few clips really. Any help much appreciated Bruce.
  8. I'm running a Avid FR5 (cheap but works fine for me) with a Odyssey Linear Slic cable. £6 with free postage here. Works amazing with my BB7. Absolutely spot on If you do go for a Odyssey cable, make sure its the 'Linear Slic' one. Normal 'Slic' ones aren't as good apparently...
  9. Thanks for the heads up on that one. Would probably prefer to stick with the Hope though...i know this sounds kinda stupid but would it be possible to strip the hub back silver? I guess it has an anodized finish, so would caustic (spelling?) soda work?
  10. haha! thats what i used when i did mine! Quick and easy...just need a steady(ish) hand
  11. hmm I never thought of that actually :$ Sounds like a much better option...although knowing me i'll probably balls up the spray job. Any ideas on the hub?
  12. Haha! Thanks very much! I didnt actually notice the other changes you made...looked about three times! Looks much better like that Hmm need to change the colour of my hub now...haha! Any ideas?
  13. Thankyou very much mate Thats pretty sexy i think! Looks abit weird with the blue front hub though...hmm might have to change that...haha im such a loser, im waaayy too picky!
  14. Righto. I'll let you know and maybe we could work something out seeing as im after that xbox of yours lol! Come on peeps, opinions please?