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  1. Had this 3 years now. Finally racing it tomorrow in a small Army competition on Salisbury Plain. Thinking of getting something newer if it ends up being fun and im any good.
  2. If you don't get it through training you'll most likely get it when you get to your Unit so you can be able to drive various vehicles for duties etc
  3. Well my 2013 Trek Fuel ex got stolen from my military accommodation last year. I've finally got round to replacing it using the insurance money and got a great deal from All Terrain Cycles on this 2017 Trek Remedy 8(also got the Mrs the 2016 one at the same time) I'm well happy with it. 1x11 is perfect and the dropper post is so useful. The bars could do with being a touch wider and I'm not a fan of the lock-on grips not being grippy on the very ends as it didn't give a positive grip feel on the outer part of my hand. Also the shifter only being thumb operated may take some getting used to, on the Fuel I could up-shift with my index finger and found that useful. All that said, I think its a great bike and hope I'll get my moneys worth out of this one now.
  4. Very common for testers to do this. It looks suspicious if a 10yr old car has no fails or advisories for 3 or 4 years in a row.
  5. well ive had the van 6 months, i want something bigger now
  6. ok so done a couple of things. New facelift bumper, sri grills, hids, facelift projector lights, drivers wing and Sri wheels. next months list - overhaul rear brakes (snapped handbrake adjuster), bleed full brake system (looks like marmite), new engine mount, dash bulb, seal master cylinder/bulkhead water leak, paint wheels silver(dont liek the blue and 100% hate black), find and fix source of knocking/pulling from front suspension defiantly done all the looks things first and then fixing all the fubar'd mechanical stuff second ha
  7. yeah most likely a softball rather than a baseball though
  8. guessing not many were sold in the first place?
  9. so the civic type R is gone. and so has my £4k of debt from the nissan. this is my current motor. As you can see very faded and poorly looked after. the interior is minging and hasnt been cleaned in a long time. The brakes hardly work, clutch on its way out, no radio, broken wing mirror. So i decided to tackle the obvious things first: parts fitted so far: HIDs, Coilovers, Sxi alloys, Pioneer headunit, Fli speakers in rear panels, 25cm sunstrip, wind deflectors, LED sidelights, Vectra C sideskirts Stuff still to do- fix rear brake adjuster, bleed brakes, fix leaky master cylinder, replace carpets and seats, some sort of silly straight through exhaust, maybe better wheels if i decide i can waste money on it. So far it owes me less than £1k. Oh and does 500miles to a £65 tank of diesel. (the nissan did 250 to £70 and civic 230 to £65)
  10. got rid of the rusty rotten misfiring out of MOT nissan and got this:
  11. that meet was an organised charity meet in aid some lil kid whos got some dead shitty disease or something i dunno there were about two hundered 'modified' cars and probably another 100 halfords spectacular motors. Picadilly Boy Racers turned up with their lambos and porsches. the second part of the night was another retail park announced on the night by word of mouth rather than social media to try give us time to play before police turned up. I had about 20 mins of donuting around 'photographers' and lamposts and doing burnouts etc before the police shut us down. first cruise ive been to in a rwd drive car and had the balls to get out there and attempt to throw it about poperly in front 500 people, i did really enjoy it. yeah that slag and the lil dude shooting the pics of her her were on every single motor that night. his camera didnt look anything special but he had what appeared to be some sort of light stolen from a middle aged persons garage door mounted on top of it.
  12. So i ended up at a cruise somewhere near laaaaandon. f**king southern fairies.
  13. For sale £4000 ono feel free to share on fb/forums/friends etc cant afford to run it from kent to yorkshire and keep modifying it too
  14. Mine was a totally standard automatic with 100k miles on the clock with an extensive dealer service history. For the money i paid and the money I've spent I'm more than happy with it. Mines been completely reliable, not missed a beat in the 10k I've driven it. Feels to be a strong engine. I've helped with putting an SR into a e36 over last summer with a load of aftermarket bits and custom bits. Both engines have been good, I've been running mine at 13psi(standard is 9psi) for months and it seems to love it. I wouldn't say the t28 turbo is weak, but i have heard of a few t25 not lasting so long. the e36 now has a gt2871r, apexi ecu, apexi AVCr. FMIC, flywheel, tubular manifold 3" elbows down pipe and system. Coming from the Vauxhall and BMW worlds i was well happy with the amount of 2nd hand and off the shelf upgrades available. They are a great feeling car to drive. The seating position feels very sport and jap coupe. Obviously the room for rear seat passengers is minimal. Handling even with 15+yr old suspension was better than the E36. Brakes wouldn't tend to get hot when it was an auto and i was having winding back road fun, but seem to be better now its manual. For £3-4000 you should be able to get yourself a well looked after and clean standardish one, or a modified but slightly tatty one. They do suffer from rust unfortunately. I've had to replace both my rear inner arches and the sills will need doing after the next MOT. Going sideways in it feels so good in it. I prefer the 14a over the 14 but i am biased, just prefer the headlights, everything else is the same though.
  15. you are correct how may i be of assistance?