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  1. As Mark said, most flat pedals are using IGUS-like bushings. I use my OneUp for almost 3 years now, I rode in really muddy or dusty conditions with. No problem at all.
  2. I ride the OneUp Components Comp on one of my bike and they are my favorite pedals. No problem with them at all, not too expensive and really wide. There is an alloy version of them, but to be honest, I prefer the plastic one! I have also some Xpedo XMX24MC, amazing light, wide, but I am not sure they will last long (thin magnesium body) The Vault of a friend are also amazing, but the pins are so long, not sure I want to ride them on a trial bike.
  3. I don't know how good this pedals are, but CrankBros did not have a good call for MTB products. Maybe it is better now, but some years ago, many of their products failed quickly (clipless and flat pedals, dropper post, wheels, etc.)
  4. Some really nice lines!
  5. Hi ! randomly found this edit: Never heard of him before, but I really appreciate his style. Good taste of music too! He has some more videos on his channel, but I did not heck them.
  6. Is Jitsie not trying to fill this hole? Their prices is pretty good and the specs OK. They focus on comp trial but maybe we will see a real street/trial in 24" soon? (I don't consider the current 24" one good for street/trials, but I never rode it - I had a yaabaa 799 though and it felt really like crap)
  7. One thing I don't like about the NS/Dartmoor is that the brand use fully integrated headset bearings (on this case IS42/52) in alloy frames. I had a Devinci Troy with integrated headset and to me, this is a really bad design (I think this was not an issue with the build quality of Devinci). The surface in contact is really small andhaving steel against alloy is not good. In addition, the aluminium used for headset cups is much harder than the one used for frame. And also you might have some galvanic corrosion. After many months of riding, I had to machine the headset again because the bearings alter the frame. Maybe I used to ride with a slightly loose headset, but this would not happen with a semi integrated design. But I think the NS or Dartmoor are a good choice for the price. I had some NS stuff (and from octane01, the cheapest brand of NS) and a Dartmoor frame. The build quality seem not to be as good as top brand, but it will do the job. NS has also the Surge, it is their hardcore freeride hardtail in steel. Heavy but will last forever! Rear axle is 135*10 unfortunatly...
  8. The maxle has already a bad design. It it so difficult to put the right load with this system. But in combination with your fork, it is even worse and I can't understand RS here again. What about safety? The following video maked me worried about what RS is doing. I had a Boxxer years agos where the axle would get fuc&*d even if you take care as much as possible when using it. Then I had some of thoses maxles and like you I mulched the sides of the cut-out in the axle. I mean, sometimes you have to close it again while it is full of mud ... we are riding mtb not on the road! I use an alternative from novyparts (he did the first steath axles, long before One Up). This guy is a really magician, he tuned forks and shocks really well and he always had nice products (first trigger lever for Reverb, 15mm direct mount stem) I am really happy with his axles, they are light and yoou can put enough load with.
  9. It is a really sad news. As you said, this guy contributed to trials a lot, just though his website. I recall reading some tutorials on thrashzen 15 years ago! I think a lot of us progressed due to his work. Thanks for that Julien!
  10. Really good one again ...
  11. I guess it was for advertissing purpose. Getting a production slot in Asia is indeed much easier for Yt than for Crewkerz. I did not want to blame the trial companies, I just wanted to highlight that some bigger MTB companies may produce a specific frame just for a different purpose. I think it can be a cheap way to get a lot of coverage. Some MTB Youtubers, while they aren't the most talented riders, are sponsored by some big brands due to their media exposure (e.g. bkxc or Paul the Punter). Media coverage is so important now Merida also produced a street/trial frame based on the tubeset of their dirt frame: AFAIK, only three frames were built. Maybe will Marin do the same for Duncan based on the Alcatraz? I doubt, but who knows.
  12. YT uses to produce a slopestyle frame in carbon Only 25 units were produced. The whole bike cost 3000€. That is pretty cheap for the really small amount of unit. How many units of a trial frame are produced? 100, 200?
  13. Waw! I didn't know he used to ride trials comp. I was surprised how balanced he was when jumping on the rail. Amazing to see how a versatile rider he is! Street, dirt, slopestyle, trial ... Really love that! Hope to see more from him soon.
  14. Hi, Jakub Vencl is a slopestyle rider. Sometime he rides with Vašek Kolář. He built a dirt jump bike as a steet/trial bike. He did some nice moves in this video with : Nice to see more people riding trials.