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  1. Try every session something different. Don't try something out of reach, but try a small variation of a line you already master: changing the approach, come with a different angle, etc. Spend money on bike parts that makes sens. I had really crappy parts on my bike, that prevent me to ride as much as I wanted. For example, I had a TryAll bar that I used many months, despite it hurts my wrists. I hesitated much too long before changing it... I think the current parts are much better than it used to be years ago, but still sometimes it make more sens to spend extra money to obtain quality and durability.
  2. I have different types of pedals on my bikes. - One Up composite - Fireeye Hot Candy - Federal Command plastic - DMR V6 nylon - Wellgo MG1 - Xpedo Spry - Shimano Saint PDMX80 The One Up have so much grip ... amazing. They are really wide too (the pins are very long), pretty thin and seem to be very reliable (no problem with them after many years). They are my choice for enduro or DH. The Fireeye are cheap and overall a good choice, but the seals are not so good. I was skeptical about the full plastic pedals (Federal Command plastic and DMR V6 nylon), but I prefer to ride them in street/DJ or Trials. Somehow, I don't need so much grip and with these pedals I hurt my self much less. Only two drawbacks come to my mind: grip with wet sole and longevity. If my sole is wet, I will prefer to have metal pins. The plastic pins wear quickly out too and are not so strong. I like the DMR V6: cheap, the form is really concave, long pins ... a good budget pedals if you don't ride in wet. Overall, I prefer a nylon body: it has more grip than an alloy body (that will get blank with time and wear), it is strong enough and light. Thin metal pins have a lot of grip but they will destroy your shoes quickly. The most grippy pedals I ever rode are the DMR Vault. Two friends of mine ride them, but they are so bad for the shin ... no way!
  3. A friend had some 26" Spank rims (Oozy) on his DJ bike and the tyres popped off many times. He hurts himself twice while riding pumptrack. He tried several Schwalbe table top, changed to some other tyres but the problem remains. He ran a ot of pressure (at leaast 60psi/4bars). So he changed the rims for some with bead bites and since then everything is fine.
  4. You are definitively not insane. The repetitiveness of those tricks is really boring. To me, comp trials is all about clearing obstacles. But street trials adds another dimension, the creativity. I like to find some new lines, some variations of them. I like to play with the obstacles (with my reduced skillset). Some riders like Flipp, Ali C and yourself amazed me for their creativity. Unfortunately, the normal guy does not appreciate the difficulty behind this kind of lines. He will prefer a big 360 tap drop. Please continue to have your own style! I love it so much! And keep in mind that Danny was one of the first guys who throws some BMX moves...
  5. I partially agree with you guys. I think trials gives bad habits too. I have also problems at jumping, this is my weakness on a MTB for sure. I really noticed that riding pumptrack. I used the wrong motion. And I can't remove my hands from the bar too! But on the other hand, I think trials helps me on technical jumps, that require one to be really active (you can either use speed or an impulse). Here is why: The motion differs from the bunny hop slightly: the steps stay the same, just the execution periods change. I understood this recently. The first steps of the bunny hop are to lower your chest/body (1) and then to push against the ground (2). Then you move your upper body backwards to lift the front wheel (3). But if you want to go really high, somehow you have to "push against the ground". As you do during some static hops too. When jumping a kicker, you will do the same. But the pushing (2) is more relevant in this case than pulling from the bar (3), due to the kicker and the angle of your body with the bike/ground.I understood this while trying to bunny hop higher. So trials helps me a lot there. As soon as I understood this, I did some progress in DJ. I am still not good, but at least I think I understood the correct motion and it works well on some doubles on the pumptrack . One other relevant aspect: in DJ, you have to move your hips forward, to land front wheel first and to fly a nice curve in the air. This is similar to a bunny to front. You have to drive the motion of your bike. Trials helped me to get a better impulse with my legs on the jumps. I noticed this on jumps where the impulse has to be really quick (for example on a jump directly at the end of a berm) This is based on my experience and as I said, I am not a good jumper. So please feel free to correct me!
  6. My best advice: ride even more and don't stop riding! Don't use to aggressive grips (pattern too present). Also wash your gloves as much as possible, so that dust,sand is removed from the glove surface.
  7. It is a pivotal combo from KHE bikes Exib. Unpadded so very light. No longer available I think
  8. Look sooooo nice Really nice neoretro build, I really appreciate. I build an Orange Zero like this, it was also really nice to ride.
  9. Two french pro riders (Clement Moreno and Yohan Triboulat) were complaining about the Pro IV SS. Can't recall what was the problem exactly though.
  10. As Mark said, most flat pedals are using IGUS-like bushings. I use my OneUp for almost 3 years now, I rode in really muddy or dusty conditions with. No problem at all.
  11. I ride the OneUp Components Comp on one of my bike and they are my favorite pedals. No problem with them at all, not too expensive and really wide. There is an alloy version of them, but to be honest, I prefer the plastic one! I have also some Xpedo XMX24MC, amazing light, wide, but I am not sure they will last long (thin magnesium body) The Vault of a friend are also amazing, but the pins are so long, not sure I want to ride them on a trial bike.
  12. I don't know how good this pedals are, but CrankBros did not have a good call for MTB products. Maybe it is better now, but some years ago, many of their products failed quickly (clipless and flat pedals, dropper post, wheels, etc.)
  13. Some really nice lines!
  14. Hi ! randomly found this edit: Never heard of him before, but I really appreciate his style. Good taste of music too! He has some more videos on his channel, but I did not heck them.