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  1. By the mid of autumn I built my trials bike again and filmed some clips before rainy estonian winter has started. In the beginning I planed to use this material for the next video profile, but afterwards changed my mind and decided that it would be better to film fresh footage in a new year. As a result I made this small edit.. Have a nice winter holidays! See you in the next year!
  2. Definitely best video I have seen this year, or even couple of last years. It is just brilliant, good work from both of you! This is what street trials used to be about, creativity and unique spots, that most of the riders pass by without giving a second look. I liked everything starting from curb lines (especially spin combos on the back wheel) and ending with technical front wheel bangers. Hope that more videos like this will be filmed in future)
  3. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Last trick
  5. 2019 riding season was quite messed up for me, have not ridden much, but still got some clips to edit. Expected more from my 15th riding year, but glad that I am still in game. Cheers.
  6. Thanks Mark! Nowadays you won't see a street trials bike with rim brakes (especially v brakes) so often
  7. Thanks! May be 10 years of riding street bmx affected it in this way. Too slow for bmx, but too bmxy for trials
  8. Most of the lines are perfect, without jerky moves or correction hops, just smooth and clean. Looks like it took plenty of hours to film, but you did it in 3 days. Even big drops are performed so easily, like if it was a 2ft ledge. Nice one!
  9. Every following video of yours brings at least couple of WTF clips for me. Strange, but this time it was a simple abubaca somewhere in the middle of the video. But wait.. it was done on a sharp corner on a brakeless bike, as well as several lines with straight-to-back wheel bunny hops. Skills of riding down/off obstacles also need to be mentioned. As I like doing wallrides myself, pedal up off the ledge to wallride and gap to curb walltap (?) are my fav clips. Bump jump variations are good. Keep on going, try not to focus on negative vibes. Every single video could not be perfect, but brakeless trials is amazing itself. Good luck in future projects!
  10. Chill and smooth, amazing spots on the seashore)
  11. Thanks everyone for the good words! Was really glad to read, motivates a lot. I used to like this song for years, planned to use it in a some black and white video long time ago. But every time it went up to editing I thought, that the clips ain't too good for using one of my fav songs. This time everything went smooth and ended with this video part)
  12. After a year off trials I build my bike back and last five weeks was focused on filming this video part. Lower back issues do not disturb me as much, so hopefully there are more projects to come. I'm glad that I can ride ST again, this bike gives me opportunity to explore different places and ride whatever spots I see, from streets and parks to stones and trees. Thanks for watching!
  13. Smooth and powerful at the same time! Front wheel moves are simply the best. Need to re-watch it a couple of times more