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  1. Perfect will call you Monday
  2. Hello I have a mk6 pure with the Spanish style echo urban isis BB. I need to replace the bearings because they feel like gravel. I have only found one post on here on how to remove it but the post is really old and no longer has pictures. can anyone shed some light on how to remove it please? From what I gather I either need to use a puller tool or beat it with a hammer cheers alex
  3. They came out very easily so that’s good. I have a bb press for my mountain bike but that will only work for one bearing, like you say I will have to put the axle in and then tap the second one in. Just need to find a new bb in stock to buy now. thanks for the help
  4. Thanks Adam. Rubber or wooden mallet? I see you are currently out of stock as well?
  5. Hi I want to get an arcade frame to replace my old fourplay. Does anyone know if my Tensile or Echo cranks will clear the frame? Or will i have to fork out for an inspired crankset? Cheers Alex
  6. Ah yeah it is an echo urban, so it won't work with the arcade will it? And the sprocket is a 16T The fourplay has Tensile cranks with an 18T sprocket.
  7. This is my Echo set up dude..
  8. Hi all, its been a while for me. Been out of the trials scene for along time now. But i have been playing around on my echo trial a little bit then after watching some ali c videos i decided to build my inspired back up. Having some fun on it and am now seriously considering getting an arcade. Not sure if i should just get a frame/kit or sell my inspired and build a complete new bike from scratch again though? I don't really have a clue what my inspired is worth now so would really appreciate it if i could get some rough ideas off you lot. Spec; Inspired fourplay frame echo headset echo forks (cant remember what ones though) First isis BB Tensile cranks and bash DMR V12 pedals Hope pro 2 rear hub in lime green Hope pro front hub red Sun rims DMR front tyre Fat albert rear tyre 4 bolt to V adapter, heatsink i think? Shimano DXR V brake chrome rear Avid bb7 front disc brake 160mm Carbon stem spacers easton vice stem Cant remember what bars they are, for some reason i think they're Gusset risers but not sure. Gusset seat Ti bolts on the stem, rear hub and front disc I think thats it, what do you think? Couple photos of it, could really do with a re-spray. And one of my echo before i dismantled it. Cheers guys Alex
  9. Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to ride it for a month and see if I really get back into it, if I do then I might upgrade. The question is, do i sell the whole thing and start again or strip it and keep the wheels and cranks ect making my new bike a little cheaper to buy? thanks again alex
  10. As above, just curious to how people have there echo trial 24" set up. I have just got my new 2013 echo and have put my monty ti risers and a try-all stem on there but it's way too low for me. I used to have a really high set up on my Koxx hydroxx 26" then went lower with zoo flat bars and didn't mind it. I'm thinking try-all elite bars and trialtech 130mm 25deg stem. I can't imagine if that would be crazy high or not to bad? Any suggestions? Cheers Alex
  11. Cheers guys. Ordered the try-all 3D stem 150mm x 30* and the try-all elite bars
  12. Good watch!
  13. Hello all, I am building an inspired four-play up and i need to know what is the best chain tensioner to use for it. My gear ratio will be something like 16:14 and i will be running a half link chain on it. I don`t like 74 kings by the way I have been looking at this one;category_id=48 The reason i am asking is because both my trials bikes are horizontal drop outs, and i have been riding with them for 2 years now so i have lost a bit of knowledge about chain tensioners now Thanks, Alex Mac
  14. Not a problem glad to help, Any time Alex Mac.
  15. Hi mate, Right if the actual allen key head is rounding on the bolt then get some grips on the head and loosen it that way. If that dosn`t work or the freed is rounding off, the only other option really is to cut the head of the bolt off, And then drill it out and re freed it. Have you used WD40 ? If you havn`t then spray a can of that in, And work the bolt loose don`t try and un-do it the whole way straight away work it bit by bit. Hope i was some help, Good luck. Alex Mac.
  16. Get the biggest echo stem you can get, And get the zoo bars trust me you will love it. The zoo bars are nice and wide for great balance and they feel so good for side hopping. Alex Mac.
  17. There isn't a specific tyre pressure for trials its rely all down to personal preference. It is better to run tyre`s relatively flat on rocks so you have more grip, And hard for street (TGS) for less pinch flats. Alex Mac.
  18. I will get back to you tomorrow on that mate thanks.

  19. Yea thats nice bud a tad expensive for a chain tensioner I like the tensile ones but i don`t know weather they are ok. Does anyone have any experience with them ?
  20. Yea good for a beginner for the majority of 2 months, and its braking Its just my opinion, i just dont like them. Alex Mac
  21. To be honest mate i wouldn't go there, i have had my fare share of echo tr stuff and im not impressed the only thing i am impressed with are there forks. The rims are heavier then the try-all rims and weaker. Alex Mac.
  22. I vote heat-sink coust or any of the heat-sink pad range to be honest i think they are the best on the market cant go wrong. Alex Mac.
  23. I really hate saracens, they are just horrible looking, flexy and weak. I cant beleive im saying this but if its your first trials bike then start looking at onza`s. Alex Mac.
  24. Hello mate, I would go for the czar for the win, It is so much nicer looking and it rides really well. But if you want long then spend that extra little bit of cash and get a zoo python lovely. Alex Mac
  25. Hello, I personally would have 16:14 to me that is spot on, not to easy not to hard. Its a nice ratio for when you are riding the rocks, because lets not forget rocks are what trials is all about. Alex Mac.