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  1. Jardo, youve just come across a massive idiot 1) boasting about steroids isnt cool, period 2) Youve just told a 17 year old, who you dont know the first thing about, to go take dianabol, without knowing the first thing about his training, his diet, his general health, with no mention to any sort of consideration for not drinking whilst on an oral steroid, or PCT. Really?? A gym newbie can easily add 15lb of muscle in the first 6 months of training, lookin at your fb pics from 2 years ago, i dont reckon youve added 15lbs of muscle in 2 years, with gear. till someones got a firm base of strength, something like rippetoe, or milke and squats is more use than steroids. why would someone of 17 want to stunt their natural testosterone production??? if they were to go ahead and do it, do you not think the rapid increase in strength would cause issues for joints/ligaments that cant keep up with the gains. I deadlift 530lbs, my limiting factor imo is my knees, they want to pop out, not my muscles. You say after 3 courses, you were a tank, I see you resembling nothing other than a septic tank. You honestly believe that youve gained 3kg of lean mass in 5 days, and most of it aint just water weight, even on gear, 3kg a month is a good gain. you say 60mg of oral steroids is the usual dosage?? who the hell takes 60mg, unless their stuff is underdosed to hell?? You say you can get dianabol anywhere, Find me one place online you can buy it legally to consume in the uk, oh wait, you cant. For a beginner, i see gaining mass as simple, deadlifts, squats, bench, military press, chins, bent over rows. Decent protein intake, for added calories, either a generic mass gainer, or failing that chocolate milke (1 litre, which is easy to get down in a matter of minutes, is 900 calories,and 45g protein), 8 hours sleep a night. Im not goin to say steroids are good or bad, or my stance on them, ill tell you the following though, 80% of people I know on gear, could get the same gains off gear if they ate right, trained right and slept right. (not saying steroids dont work, but get that lot in check first, then take them if you still think they are necessary, and progress will be much better). Taking steroids is something to be done after thought, hard training, reflection on your progress and looking at where you want to be. not after reading some post off a guy on the internet, whos got little other reasoning than "they worked for me" and "steroids are awesome and the way forward"
  2. this may be a stupid point, but on the grand scheme of things, I actually wouldnt care. If the question is not would you be safe having such a dog around children(which I know you would be, providing the correct dog was chosen and appropriately trained). And the question being what would happen to the dog if anything happened - that dog is a family pet, but its also a tool, there to serve a purpose. If you get a £500 fine and lose a dog, but your family dont get their head stoved in by 3 smackheads armed with tyre irons who are intent on taking your TV,DVD and blender, Id call that money well spent.
  3. but I dont have girl trouble, other than she goes the same gym as me. x
  4. why not, he was showing me pics of the blonde hes nailing on the side t'other day. boy is 1 smooth mother trucker.
  5. does it run with the charger in and the battery out??
  6. cyanide?? hydrochloric acid wouldnt be too bad id think, purely because of the amount of water flowing would bring it down to a sensible pH in a short time(given that from memory water pH is pretty variable anyway due to acid coming off tree's in forestries etc.(hence why some forestry commissions drop bags of limestone into small streams etc so as not to effect the ph balance in small streams, but with the water passing through a river, the whole thing becomes pointless) also, spare a thought for those lactose intolerant trout.
  7. probably because its on a plate, and if youve been with a girl for any amount of time, you forget how to chat to girls?? Im guilty of it,and ill be honest, if there was nothing else available, id possibly be guilty of it again. just got to get yourself out there and find something new to plough, we cant all be blessed with simps' good looks(or live in essex).
  8. never done it in a kit, just doesnt seem worth the effort, one of the blokes at work made a cider press out of an old bottle jack and some bits and bobs. we generally trade apples for cider with him(just windfalls etc). it may of been me that your thinking of, as we had some one year that was around 15% from memory JT, if you want it stronger, add more sugar.(but thats cider based knowledge, not beer)
  9. honestly, you should do both. no particular reason to not do both. (obviously think about your routine, dont just do both) arnold supposedly bring the lats into play, but its never gunna do the same as bent over rows/deads/chins. but its good to alter up movements every so often, bring in different muscles/build a better overall strength, as well as shocking the muscles a little bit. dumbell benched 40kg dumbells for 8,6,4 tonight, quite happy with that. and thats dumbells to chest, none of this half rep bullcrap. also down to 17 stone dead. dont think I look hugely different.
  10. with a massive back it seems
  11. for whats it worth, the one leeds lass ive shagged, could definitely bench more than him.
  12. I hate you people with your naturally low body fats.
  13. aye, i can not believe how i trained for maybe 2/3 years without doing deadlifts, floating around 20% body fat at 16 stone, to 12% at 14 stone. A year of doing deadlifts and im sat at like 17 stone 8, 17%, and its widened my back up no end.
  14. but even so, t5's at a sensible dosage do little more than 3-400 calories a day, granted thats almost a pound a week, but its not exactly through the roof weight loss.
  15. I dont get what your trying to achieve. you want to loose weight, you consume less calories than you burn. you want to gain weight, you consume more calories than you burn. if you want to burn fat, rather than muscle, eat more protein, less carbs, still keep some fat in your diet if you want to add muscle rather than fat, consume more of everything, especially protein, and exercise to the point where your muscles need to grow(in strength/size) I dont get what L carnitine is doing for you(i dont really get what it does for anyone, other than take their money and give them a placebo) or what your expecting it do. There is no wonder drug in getting stronger/in shape, it all requires effort.