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  1. So today me and my wife were ment to go look at a new(secondhand) car what was advertised for £5,000. So we got ready to go have a look at the car and we receive a message saying that she has taken down the for sale add because she didn't know what to do. She then said that she now wants £6,000 because she has had work done to the car. So I told her I'd rather not spend the extra money on this car and now she has the cheek to have a go at me.
  2. So as the title states since coming back into trials again I've kinda been looking at everything lately and thought I might replace my tyre (bald highroller dh) and have no real clue what I'm looking at. I'm looking for something similar to my highroller thick sidewalls, roughly 2.5 etc. Dose anyone have any recommendations to something similar or as close as can be cheers.
  3. I know there not just trials but a bit of everything. The chain reaction series of films and riders anonymous when I was younger I remember buying these on vhs from halfords and then at some point on dvd I loved seeing the likes of Ryan leech, shawn denny and lance trappe (I think that's his last name).
  4. So since stopping a fair bit of time ago decided to get another bike. Here is my ozoneys xs26 im pretty happy with how it sits (no saddle pun) at the moment except for the forks what need changing to something with rear 4 bolt magura mounts.
  5. Cheers Alex I think I will be going with the coust pads alot of people and friends recommended them. Bars i didn't really think of the highrise version of trialtechs and the front tyre the previous owner of the bike has a 2.5 maxxis minion tyre on the front ( definitely over kill for a front tyre ) so its basically something lightweight im after so I'll have a look into the jitsie front tyres. Hi Leon ill have a look around for the clean bars and I had a ride on a arcade with the arcade bars I did enjoy riding his bike but they did feel very flat on the upsweep compared to the last set of bars I had before i got the ozonys xs26 (monty 221 white and red riser bars) cheers for the suggestion on the bars Leon.
  6. Cheers aener I did try to look for the trialtech bars but carnt seem to find them i know tartybikes normally sell them but didn't have alot of options for trialtech bars. I did look at a pair of jitsie bars ( 90mm ) they seem ok but the up sweep seems really high compared to the zoo bars im running.
  7. Hello everyone So after a fairly long break from trials the bug has bitten me again and decided to get another bike. The spec of the bike is kinda mid 2000s build ozonys xs26 ( I believe) most of the build I am gonna keep hope wheels ,echo forks ,front and rear maguras ,echo cranks and neon stem. So I'm looking to upgrade the bars ( old style zoo bars ) tyres mostly the front one (old dead front tyre) and brake pads ( running tnn greens that are nearly dead ) any recommendations on updating these parts . Biddle.
  8. I carnt seem to find a photo but Ben savages prototype Ashton in silver i was hoping that version of the frame would of been released (didn't know if the geo was different from the diamondback justice but from what I could make out it was longer with a higher bottom bracket). Biddle.
  9. Thank you. So measured the inner diameter of the steering tube and its come up about 16mm so gone for the 18mm one and hopefully should work. Thank you again monkey. Biddle
  10. Hello there So after a fair bit of time I have decided to get back in the game and purchased a stock. So the forks (echo urban) need a new star nut and the original one is destroyed so this needs replacing the issue is the forks have the thicker steering tube and I don't remember what star size/diameter is need for these forks I was gonna replace it with a through headlock device I think they are called but I'm on a bit of a tight budget at the moment. Biddle.
  11. It looks like a decent spec from the picture not sure on how good the frames are but never really heard of many of the frames breaking though
  12. I think it’s the Danny holroyd frame that 24 seven bikes made.
  13. What shop do you run in Norwich also try Mark Anthony Bikes Direct (Buxton) they used to deal a lot of older trials stuff middleburn hubs, planet x frames etc it might be worth a shot ringing them and seeing if they have any of that stuff in the storage/warehouse. There also used to be a shop in derby that had a lot of older stuff like base, mk2 ashton frames i just carnt think of the name at the moment when it comes to me ill edit my post. Biddle.
  14. Cheers again John i did notice there was a fair bit of play in the pads i didn't realise that it could be solved by change of pin I was looking at them i might go with them then also i agree with you on the standard pads they are rubbish Cheers again for the help all these years riding trials i thought i had it all clued up and then trying discs has taken me by surprise. Dave
  15. Cheers Luke for the info yeah the brake works fine and then it's is there just seems to be lacking a little so I might go down the road of different pads and new adapters and rotors. Cheers john that was gonna be my next question was pads and I think I'm gonna go down the road of EBC reds and cheers for the link on the adapters gone and ordered two now just for rotors.