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  1. for tf vid
  2. yeah i've a third you can borrow

  3. Good vid man! but a f**king good song choice
  4. f**k....brb
  5. Picked this beast up for £300 spec's pretty obvious. Enjoy
  6. Just got my new bike so i expect people to come rideeee 11 at the train station? Ryan
  7. http://www.vimeo.com/859345
  8. thats my zoo.
  9. hey you alright mate? errr about the frame whats going on ? x

  10. vz pro700 risers, didn't have a problem with them when using my previous stem.....so i think im gonna bite the bullet and go trialtech.
  11. Been trying mate.
  12. Basically everything i try i wind up smacking my leg on the bars, i just changed stems as i snapped the last (tms) Now i know i need a higher rise stem but can anyone offer any advice on a high rise stem that'll bw good for a tgs siding style?
  13. well i went to download sonisphere and bloodstock this year, i saw skindred on the 31st of spet, goin to amon amarh and evile if they find a new bassist in 2 weeks, then cannibal corpse in colchester the next day. November im gonna see five finger death punch and shadows fall. Then i get to see trivium and chimera along with devil driver next year....gonna be a good few months