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  1. Does Zootalors still check these pages?
  2. Note sure if anyone saw this, well done to Jack!
  3. Are there other bikes close by, maybe there is a jealousy thing going on?
  4. It needs an exercise-ism.
  5. Maybe instead of a battered old car you could get a concrete moulded version of a car made This is a very good project you're doing, I'd like to ask how you approached your council with this, e.g. did you write a letter, or contact someone, write a business plan? I'm interested in a similar thing near where I live but never really was sure how to approach it, who o speak to. Any advice on this would be welcome. Making trials type areas for all skill levels will be good if that can be added. I think it would be useful if your site has some kind of cover, for the wet days,
  6. Yeah, I think so if I read his Instagram posts correctly
  7. Shows this for me: Is it just me, or do you have the same? Why would UCI geo-block this?
  8. Many congrats to whoever made this! Wish them lots of success and looks really good. Could you make an android/PC version? I know how much work goes into this sort of thing (I made no seat?)
  9. Anything with Agnostic Front playing will be good in my opinion
  10. I think the first step is to understand what material current pads are made of. Anyone know exactly?
  11. Hi, Apologies if this has been discussed before, or is a bad idea (probably), I was just wondering if 3d printed brake pads (i.e. for HS33 brakes) might be something to explore/try? I read that some synthetic thermoplastic 3d printer filaments might work? E.g. eSun eLastic and Taulman PCTPE. Would be interested in your thoughts on this. Other bike parts would be a no go probably, but if you get a material that is strong enough, maybe it might make an interesting experiment?
  12. Hi, where you able to watch this (even record it )? I could not find a stream. [Edit] - looks like this will be live in 50 minutes
  13. Cool, thanks for the link!