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    trials riding, downhilling and freeriding also rock climbing, kannoeing and basically any extreme sport i guess you could say.
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    fleet, hampshire

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    onza t-rex middleburn pro trials cranks and bash, front hope mini and back magura hs33, onza reggie drilled back wheel on hope hub. front wheel is a mavic d521 on a hope hub also onza stem with tryall extended bars amd echo urban forks.

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  1. love all your vids mate, your crazy style and the good tunes you pick make for a awsome video Dave!
  2. sex on wheels... what a beuty Dave
  4. this vid made my day, really great nice one! Dave!
  5. Best vid ive seen in months, awsome riding, awsome editing plus you got some big cohones my friend cheers Dave!
  6. hey so i fancy riding southampton, so ive put up this thread to see if anyone else fancies a group ride already got three peeps going i guess meeting at subway like normal around 11-12ish not set a time yet cheers Dave! edit:saturday seems to be the prefered day so as long as the weather aint bad see everyone down there
  7. max respect for the awsome riding and in the snow but i agree with reverendJQ gotta represent with the helmets Dave!
  8. you tube it
  9. well done u got an A for your media project, next time get some riding footage!!!!!
  10. was some good riding, but to be honest way to many failed attempts, to be blunt my fav bit was the stupid face at the end i think that says it all!!! Dave!
  11. i have put this topic up to find out why everyone hates youtube and calls its users lazy etc, i think youtube is a great website and i think it should be compulsary for a youtube link to be added when putting a video up so that any video's put up that arent worth watching can be quickly filtered through without having to spend 5-6minutes downloading them this may sound abit harsh and its probably because i do media that i have certain expectations of these video's but i think its a fair point! any comments welcome cheers Dave!
  12. why is he riding a trials bike without a front brake, tell him to get a fudging bmx
  13. hey alex, me and seb and maybe phil are interested, is nick coming i might be able to get a few locals down Dave!
  14. come ride the wonderful town of basingstoke plenty of stuff to ride if interested give me a call will be there pretty much all day Dave!!=07790424050
  15. the red! wheels look very nice, definatly a good looking bike bet it rides really nice!!