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  1. Really cinematic rollercoaster of bike promo.
  2. F1 No doubt what Hamilton will do on the run up to turn1, as we saw in FP2 and famously with Nico Rosberg back in 2016.
  3. Except if your name is Ali.
  4. Rampage 2021 live now.
  5. So f**king weird. Almost decided to stop watching until the Green light, Red light game.
  6. F1

    Norris P1, Sainz P2, Russell P3. Hamilton damaged his car but hopefully not enough to start P4. Verstappen down P20
  7. That little lad on the Extension bike is an absolute weapon.
  8. F1

    Yeah heard it on Radio1 earlier this afternoon. Just hope Mercedes don't use George as a Wingman or number 2 driver in the event Lewis doesn't secure an historic 8th drivers title in 2021 and has to try again in 2022 when the competition field will be wide open. Obviously Lewis would prefer to claim an 8th drivers title on merit but understands that it may come down to team strategy/orders Bottas to do another dive-bomb and take out Verstappen on track. Alex Albon to join Williams 2022
  9. In case not seen in other video thread.
  10. I think if you showed the failed outtakes clips from the beginning, the actual lines would be appreciated more especially to the untrained eye.
  11. F1 Looks like it will just a train of F1 cars until they hit the final banked corner. Leclerc looking rapid especially turn 7 right hander.