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  1. F1

    Not much in it between Verstapppen and Bottas. Race will be interesting
  2. F1

    I wouldn't be surprised if someone was to post a comedy pit-stop edit with a Benny Hill backing soundtrack.
  3. F1

    Congrats to Max. Well done to both Vettel and torpedo Kyvat to make the podium.
  4. F1

    F1 teams need to take serious look at this sim set-up. So immersive especially when you watch it in VR mode
  5. Tuesday 9th at 9:15pm. Should be an interesting hour long programme being aired so late. In the meantime check this out
  6. F1

    Mad Max Verstapppen.
  7. F1

    Should be an interested race with all the grid penalties
  8. Couldn't agree more on it being a 50/50 call. Speaking of award payments, I couldn't help reminiscing this old video clip of Sean Burns lol.
  9. You gotta be kidding me!
  10. F1

    Think it is safe to say that Leclerc, won't be doing Vettel, any favours for the remainder of the season after that Q1 incident. Liking the trackside cams which give a better showcase of how quick these cars are Surprisingly good race
  11. Love all the climbing segments.