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  1. When the weather hasn't been this nice in a long time, it's pretty damn hard to discipline yourself to avoid social distancing. And when you don't see the reality of the outbreak within your own community, that's even harder to follow social distancing. Maybe the UK needs to go through the anguish a huge spike or peak period of deaths before people take notice and take precautions.
  2. WTF! Had to do the double take on the hands
  3. How the f**k did we get from over 200 deaths on Tuesday, to this...
  4. Extreme street spraying. Trump signs how much!
  5. Ali C, wish about Boris and his pals can do one in the Sea, came through then. Still begs the question on how high profile people can get first dibs on tests when NHS staff are struggling to get their own.
  6. Just seen this during my break at work.
  7. Would it be fair comment to say that unfortunately, the death toll in the UK will rise past 500 before the end of this week. The story of 28yr old Michael Prendercast on twitter, is very interesting in terms of the time he spent in London before shortly contracting only a mild form of COVID-19, describing symptoms he experienced, well as the fact he had no underlying health conditions which could have potentially led to his death. Pretty clear indication that we have to boost our immune system and as well keep our lungs in good health as well (noticed an increase number of joggers and walkers around my local open spaces) as the hygiene regime just to stand a good chance of riding out this thing.... especially if we cannot be disciplined enough with the social distancing. Work wise, bosses at my daytime job have decided to split the workforce into two groups and work alternative one week on, one week off. As with Deliveroo, all riders have to operate distancing and none contact with both restaurant staff and customer. Excel Centre makes perfect sense as a temporary medical facility in terms of the building size and out of town location. I wouldn't be surprised if that location with the abandoned building opposite Excel Centre gets used for you know what (The scene from 28 Weeks Later). EE network provider sends me GOV updates SMS.
  8. Trying to think how many fictional virus movies have been made in the past and yet our governments have not made any real contingency plans on how well equipped would they be if the threat became very real. The only movie that really springs to my mind was Outbreak with Morgan Freeman and Dustin Hoffman. Even though I saw 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, and I am Legend, I didn't feel these movies represented the virus threat in a you could really relate to real life unlike Outbreak.
  9. How the f**k can Spanish gov justify cycling ban to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Virus.
  10. I'm kinda disappointed that humanity is potentially getting wiped out again by a f**king bug you can't see, when I was hoping for an invasion of little green men, or some zombie like virus and London looking like a scene from 28 Days Later. Cough, cough, and your out for the count, bloody cheap way to go. Work wise, workforce with my daytime job is down approx 50% today (many saying f**k it, and take sick leave) and we were advised today to keep our distance from each other. Work situation is under review with regards to the max number of staff the company wants on site on a week by week basis inline with gov updates. As far as my part-time evening work with Deliveroo in Canary Wharf, a new feature has been added to the existing app where a customer can request non contact with rider, where we basically leave the order outside the customer's doors and stand a required distance for he/she to collect their order. Orders last Sat/Sun were usually busy for orders from Off License and convenience stores. Supermarket shelves are still empty since last week, and so I will have to turn up early over the weekend and queue up like everyone else. I guess if I can't get my food of choice, I'm pretty sure I can nip down my local Off License and grab a couple bottles of Corona beer to take the pi** as well as actually getting pi**ed.
  11. Trump is either a Madman, a genius, or a Mad genius, if he is serious about seeking an exclusive rights to potential vaccine deal. Doesn't give two f**ks about saving humanity, only saving presidential re-election.
  12. People fear the Domino effect of the food distribution chain will significantly slowdown or stop when you consider there is never enough staff in retail stores long before the virus became a viral thing. But yeah the loo roll thing is mad. Customers at my local ALDI can only buy a maximum 4 of the same item, regardless of brand/name. I witness one guy withdraw £500 out the ATM.
  13. Even going to my local Barclays Bank, only 2 out of 12 ATM available, with a staff wearing gloves and wiping down the touchscreen and buttons after each customer use. Madness. Food retailers could hike their prices and still make a killing with the way things are going.