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  1. Which probably explains your forum name.
  2. Would love to know the back story of why Giant Bicycles decided to cut their ties with Jeff Lenosky. Video was a great watch but, doesn't do any justice for Jeff Lenosky's contributions to the sport and to Giant Bicycles.
  3. Didn't want that to end even after 39mins duration.
  4. Was thinking the same thing with that bar/stem set-up when you turn the bars beyond 90°.
  5. Whilst watching this amazing video, I couldn't help noticed the headangle on the bike look pretty steep for a streety Bmx frame, then I discovered how steep it was at 00:50.
  6. F1

    Slightly off topic, but one hell of a high speed F3 crash
  7. Nice scenery on the road trip segments, and liking the idea of concrete blocks individually marked so you know the scale of what they are riding.
  8. This Spinal implant treatment is also equally amazing
  10. Fast-forward to last move at the end at 03:44.
  11. Live Rampage finals
  12. Mind boggling tech that requires multiple rewatches. Didn't need to highlight the chainless lines as it would have been better for the viewer to do a double-take on what you see was real or not.
  13. Rampage 2018 in a few weeks time Practice runs
  14. Arcade looking clean. Any chance of pics from the 3-day London trip being posted on Cleanzine?