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  1. F1

    Shame RedBull couldn't help Verstappen maintain the position he gained from the start. Otherwise pretty boring race.
  2. F1

    Just don't see how Bottas is gonna make any serious title challenge on Hamilton, other than using Verstappen as a virtual wingman like at the early restart that caught Hamilton napping.
  3. Driver handled the situation like a Pro. Amazing footage
  4. 07:05-07:19 is that audible creak picked up from the cam mic really coming from the frame?
  5. Slightly off topic in terms of riding but figured on posting here rather than a new topic.
  6. Snapped leg @UFC261 on the first low kick thrown, damn. Should have known UFC would have blocked it before posting. Imagine if this had happened in F1
  7. A mix of historic classic and F1 cars from different era with qualifiers and races. Live on SKY Sports Early gen F1 cars are now lining up to start qualifier around 14:30 UK time
  8. Coventry ride video added.
  9. How is that even possible regardless of the ruling
  10. Would love to see this in real-time. Looks kinda fake with the slow mo as a seeing how he spins his arms in mid air which is hard enough to do.
  11. Hope this is actually a decent remake of the popular arcade game. R-rating so expect to be pretty graphic throughout
  12. Don't know how YouTube allows so much bad language to be aired, but so funny to listen to Snoop Dogg on the commentary As for the KO.
  13. F1

    Track limit violation on turn 9 from Lando Norris looked so marginal to deny him P2 in Q3.
  14. Insanely expensive