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  1. Love the whole slowed down casual approach to all the lines. This change of laidback style and pace reminds me of Bersha's riding style.
  2. Charlie Rolls static hook-to-frontwheel at 02:09 I think was just defies belief.
  3. The launch at the end!
  4. Checkout the number airborne missiles thrown. Looks like a scene from that old 80's arcade videogame Missile Command.
  5. On subject of struggling business under the pandemic and gov restrictions, has anyone noticed the boom in cycling demand. The number of the small private bike shop businesses I've visited in London over the past couple of weeks are just totally overrun with repairs, servicing and bike builds.
  6. Oh great, this is all we need to add fuel to the fire of more BLM protests.
  7. Furthermore, why the f**k are far right wing protesters attacking police. I thought their intention was to preserve their British heritage status and have it out with BLM protesters. I thought they were there to aid police numbers, not have it out with them.
  8. The only contribution these f**king clowns are going make is a 2nd wave of Covid-19 infections and re-introduce gov lockdown restrictions, if the R number goes up. Forget BLM, ALL LIVES MATTER!
  9. F**king protesters in Whitehall, London starting rioting for what, an event in another country that is has nothing to do them.
  10. My bad if repost.
  11. F1
  12. Yeah was gonna say the same about the financial side of things. Curious to know if he has new sponsorship role with Canyon Bikes.
  13. Don't know how the heck I missed this documentary especially with Martyn Ashton's segment.
  14. This is the type of video content that we need during this pandemic lockdown.