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  1. You would not think this is a sim game until you watch up to 02:01 onwards or you noticed the hot air balloon during the early part of run
  2. WTF transformation
  3. What's your memorable and likely to be the next here in the UK given what already happening in other parts of the World
  4. F1

    Congrats to Lando on securing 3rd place. Didn't think he would be able to fight it out with Bottas and Hamilton. Power circuits are going be the real test if Mercedes are going backwards.
  5. Slope style 2021. Some crazy triple combos sends here.
  6. Sickening watch.
  7. F1

    Yeah he knocked it on during the upshift according to Bono. Not that I care as I didn't want him to be gifted with a win after Verstappen's retirement. Above link of race is fake. My bad not spotting it first time Bottas on a wild pit spin.
  8. F1

    Don't think anyone was expecting the Azerbaijan race to finish like that. Perez, Vettel, Gasly.
  9. Cam doesn't do any justice on the scale of the stuff ridden.
  10. Absolutely insane seeing Martyn Ashton ripping the trails at speed and sending it over those jumps.
  11. Weirdest looking gravel bike and those pedals