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  1. Didn't think I would watch all 17mins plus of this. Glad I did Quite an eye opening watch
  2. Multiple angles of shooting on Westminster bridge
  3. I'm sure I've said this before but Ali is in a Clarkson of his own.
  4. Random YouTube find but inspiring watch. He has a few other videos on his channel.
  5. Somehow I don't see Moto GP returning to this circuit after this double Red Flag pile huge up
  6. Urban Cyclo-cross!
  7. Preview of 2019 Rampage lines looks insane
  8. F1

    Should be interesting 2020 FE series with the addition of more teams like Mercedes and Porsche
  9. Skillz
  10. F1

    Vettel should have won the race judging by this blistering pole lap. Congrats to Bottas on the win and securing Mercedes constructors title. Congrats to Bottas & Mercedes on 6th Constructors title.