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  1. Couldn't agree more on it being a 50/50 call. Speaking of award payments, I couldn't help reminiscing this old video clip of Sean Burns lol.
  2. You gotta be kidding me!
  3. F1

    Think it is safe to say that Leclerc, won't be doing Vettel, any favours for the remainder of the season after that Q1 incident. Liking the trackside cams which give a better showcase of how quick these cars are Surprisingly good race
  4. Love all the climbing segments.
  5. You still stand by this, now that Theresa May has officially stepped down as pm on June 7th?
  6. F1

    Well done to Bottas securing another pole, though Hamilton made some errors on his first flying lap and then couldn't get together on his second. First couple of corners of tomorrow's race should be interesting. Would be nice if they can sort out the cam stability and audio if they plan on introducing this in 2020
  7. Man this sucks big time
  8. F1

    Sounds as if the mic is mounted closer to the exhaust as you can clearly hear the engine grunt during Bottas pole lap
  9. F1

    Leclerc wtf were you thinking!
  10. F1

    This is way off modern F1 viewing but after seeing this gem for the first time, I just couldn't help but marvel at the level of high detail and smoothness of the whole documentary. Even the aerial footage is insanely smooth. Just something about 70mm seems to make the whole viewing experience more real.
  11. WTF These beasts sounds like the Batmobile on steroids Talk about written off in 60secs