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  1. F1

    Car looks like a high-rake concept with the addition of existing long wheelbase. Photographers and teams are gonna be swarming the underside of the car to find out what secret tech details Mercedes are trying to hide. Bodywork around the intakes and engine bay looks slightly bigger.
  2. Also only recently seeing Scotty Cranmer and not knowing what happened to him years before his life changing accident. As for the YouTube link, can't imagine how many tries it must have taken to get the whole routine nailed.
  3. Just seen this now.
  4. Couldn't help but laugh when he hit the scooter towards the end of clip.
  5. Hans Ray still got it.
  6. Great timing Prime Minister, nice one.
  7. WTF on the last two lines at 01:56 onwards
  8. Ridiculous
  10. Insane conditions
  11. F1

    Well it's all down to Bottas now to secure 2nd place in drivers standings after qualifying behind pole sitter Verstappen. Lewis was quiet after finishing 3rd, but did he really think he could get pole after recovering from COVID-19. Will Lewis play a supporting role to help Bottas secure 2nd, or will he go all out to try and win the final race of the season.