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  1. F1

    Should be interesting 2020 FE series with the addition of more teams like Mercedes and Porsche
  2. Skillz
  3. F1

    Vettel should have won the race judging by this blistering pole lap. Congrats to Bottas on the win and securing Mercedes constructors title. Congrats to Bottas & Mercedes on 6th Constructors title.
  4. How high was the TRA sidehop which featured Aener walking pass the wall in the video? The sidehop-to-pedal at 02:05 ish.
  5. Just don't get all this negative hating bandwagon. Try watching regular CX racing and skillz against what Akrigg puts out using the same tool.
  6. F1

    What a mess from Ferrari throwing away a potential win. Vettel's future drive with the team will certainly hang in the balance after disobeying team orders. Expect some major team talks on how they handle the remaining races.
  7. F1

    For a moment I thought Leclerc was gonna bin the car into the wall but held it to get pole.
  8. Can't imagine the production behind all that. Insane stuff, although the smooth edit would make it questionable to the average viewer to believe if everything done was real.
  9. Never fails to Impress. Didn't want that to end
  10. F1

    After seeing this YouTube demonstration of the speed trap difference, it's easy to see why the driver's were holding back on each other during Q3.
  11. F1