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  1. F1

    This is way off modern F1 viewing but after seeing this gem for the first time, I just couldn't help but marvel at the level of high detail and smoothness of the whole documentary. Even the aerial footage is insanely smooth. Just something about 70mm seems to make the whole viewing experience more real.
  2. WTF These beasts sounds like the Batmobile on steroids Talk about written off in 60secs
  3. Good video tutorial.
  4. F1

    Well done for Bottas getting pole. Can't say I'm impressed with Ferrari team orders
  5. That was nuts! How the heck he manages to the frontwheel hovering so low on that Bunnyhop-manual line.
  6. F1

    Heartbreak for Charles Leclerc potentially getting his first win. Race had everything
  7. F1

    Well done to Charles Leclerc grabbing pole ahead of Vettel. Tomorrow's race should be interesting.
  8. Gravity contortionist. Unreal watch!
  9. F1

    Get in there Bottas. Solid performance from Start to finish.
  10. Didn't view this until now. Nice watch
  11. Love his unique laid-back style of approaching things so slowly and casually, then suddenly, just launches it huge. Loving the picturesque location of the mountains.
  12. F1

    Unreal how quick the car is yet Vettel isn't even fighting the steering wheel.