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  1. ohio im stuck in a problem with some mates on witch of my 3 frames looks the best with my color scheme so i thought lets ask the guys on trial-forum to help solve this problem thank here are the 3 Frames on the bike ***DOWNLOAD*** Thanks Again
  2. Well if they like the song then whats the problem. Im sure Disturbed couldnt care less if you made a video of them with someone else singing over the top?
  3. hi guys i was looking at videos on youtube of trials and came accross a danny macaskill video. what a shame about the song, so i thought about making a new song myself and decided to look for any other remakes. i came accross this one which i think was awesome and thought i should show you guys and share the delights! uber remake
  4. Hi everyone do's any one know of any websites that tell you about biketrial tricks and names as i do a trick somethimes and members of the public ask me what i have just done and dont now and its really embarrassing :$ cheers
  5. eno for the win thats what i run and it GREAT ENO
  6. That was so nice my keyboards all sticky love it
  7. Hey Not bad has potential but spelling man sort it please. Thumps up on the pics looking good
  8. Yes...yes i do
  9. Wise words from a wise guy that was clawz114 showing of as normal i love that kid
  10. hey TAILZ222 your step dad is and osteopath why don't you speak to him? and he's surgery is connected to your house lol
  11. Dont ask tailz i am going lol hows the chain
  12. What is up with the police and old people they both love stopping us riders even if we are not riding its stupid they could be stopping the little s*"ts that nick are bike (well thats what its like in haywards heath) Just wondering if its the same in your area LETS HEAR SOME MOANING LOL
  13. hey guys/girls I was riding my lovely echo control and went to pedal hop side ways down a stair set of around 6-7 steps i got up onto my back wheel and hoped but as i landed my rim met the concrete as my tire folded. I was running my tires at 15 PSI and that was not sufficient for my needs I'm now running at 25 PSI but fills a bit hard would anyone know what the best or most average PSI for trials is. thanks guys/girls
  14. Hey guy I was just thinking about all things trials as you do and thats when it hit me i did not have a helmet. I would like to get a helmet but im not sure about what one to get has anyone got a good idear of a suitable trials helmet thanks again guys Hello im apologizing for my bad spelling i forgot about spellcheck lol whould lol :$
  15. Hi Dudes That video was was great it really flowed well. (please get a lid as its saves a headache) Thumps up from me i want to see the next one