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  1. The link in that topic doesn't work! Is it on youtube or anything?
  2. I have had a look, but i cant find it on there! What is it called?
  3. As the topic states, im looking for the video of joe baxter in sheffiled, i think he was on a koxx! Anyone got it? Thanks Danny...
  4. Right, iv got an avid bb7 on the front! And it doesn't work too great, and im wondering if there could be a certain reason for this? Its a 203 hope rotor, with a avid sd7 lever, and am not sure what cable! It holds to an extent, but only on small stuff! Can anyone help me? I was considering getting a magura, but i'd prefer too keep a disk! (if it works) Cheers, danny...
  5. You jokin? Do they follow you everywhere or what? I dont think you can to be honest, probably classed as cruelty, and how are you gunna package them hahahaha Danny
  6. Bolty, looks like we have got someone else to ride with He lives on damens road, i live in haworth, but bolty lives in ingrow aswell, so... Danny...
  7. It is an easy sentence to understand bearing in mind you have msn, or other programs, but for those who dont "jw" doesn't mean a great deal. If he is wanting to get validated then it would be better if he stopped the slang! Danny. Ps, "jw" means, just wondered Ohh and i agree with mrkoxx about damons video on biff's mod, was really good
  8. I rode one of them for a while, sold now though! But its a really nice bike, really flicky and easy to control. Also looks really nice! So yeah, it is a really good bike, id have another if i still rode mod! Hope i helped! Danny.
  9. Iv used a brown and a green on the front smooth rim before, was mint with the slightest tar, and when a first got me 26" a couldn't find the pads for it so a used one rock pad (blue) and a ali c pad! the noise wasn't great, but it held really well! If i was to do it agen, i would use one coust (cnc backing) and one rimjam! Would work a treat a reckon Danny...
  10. Why dont you go onto the post that the video was in and read everyones opinions? just an idea I think that the video is mint, i think the tap to ninety on the moving gate is completely insane Hes a really good rider! Danny...
  11. Really good choice buddy! I used to have one of those and they ride like a dream! Only reason a got rid is because it was too small! Everyone used to like it aswell!!! So yer, really like that mate Danny...!
  12. My mate did it once, he didnt have any sticking out, so he took it to his local bike shop, they drilled the old bolt out, and then took it to a engineering place to get it helicoiled, cos him about 20 quid! Not too bad!! If u ant got money to spend, then you could just drill it out urself, then tap it to the next size up! This isn't ideal, as it means u have to drill your mounts in order to fit the bolt through! Hope i helped! Ps. any local engineering places will heli coil it for about £10 Danny...
  13. Tar from a normal road doesn't work, because it has loads of bits in it! But if you go to a cobbled road, thats a different story. theres loads of tar in between the cracks of it! Take a screwdriver to it, and ur sorted! Just dont let anyone see you Hope i helped! Danny...
  14. I went to what i considered a trials park the other day in silsden! It had loads of rocks made into sections and there were little gaps to rails and things. I dont know whether that is what you mean by a trials park, but... it was there and man made! Danny..
  15. I agree, save it! I bought new brake pads and a disk brake for mine, the next day, when i had no money left, my back brake snapped!! Well annoying!! So...yer SAVE IT! Danny...