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  1. I've been out of the trials game for a few years; travelling around a lot, which has made riding impossible. However, in in the UK at the moment, working on a fairly big project, and this bike came up locally. It's pretty much the perfect geo for me, and in amazing condition for its age. I believe it to be a mk1 justice, but the wheelbase only measures 1020mm, with a bb height of -5mm. The parts on it were a bit of a weird mish-mash, so started putting it together, mostly with spares I had kicking around (including some renthal carbon fatbars), but bought a new (old) front wheel, with a hope xc hub to match the rear. Need to make a chain tensioner- something along the lines of a 74kingz. Also need some new forks, as the nds dropout is pretty mangled, and the wheel slips of you brake hard. Still needs some refining and finishing before I can ride it properly, but had a little play on it, and it feels good! The original saddle is missing, so I'm going to make a carbon one, when I get round to it. More progress to follow...
  2. This is completely true. The climbing in Spain is the bast I've ever had, anywhere in the world. I've been away from real rocks for a little while now, as I've been sailing for most of the last year, and stuck in Melbourne for the past few months. Going back out to sea again at the end of May again, which means not much real climbing for a couple of years probably, but I've been spending a little bit of time climbing indoors while I've been in the city. It's not the same though. This was me messing around at the bouldering gym last week. I'm definitely going to move to Spain when I've finished working on this boat though. Can't wait to start climbing again!
  3. Sorry, link fixed now I think. If not: http://samueldoman.tumblr.com/
  4. Not been about on here for a while, because I've been sailing around the Pacific for the past few months. I have, however been taking lots of photos. There's a selection here, if you want to take a look. pretty much everything was taken on a Leica D-Lux 5. The deeper diving ones (on the plane wreck) were taken using some shitty camera we bought with a proper waterproof housing. I only bought a cheap waterproof case for my camera, which worked fine, but was only rated to 10m.
  5. Got your PM. Here's a better photo, now that it's built up:
  6. I hjave a 34" inside leg, and the saddle height is about right for me in the photo, Standover shouldn't be an issue for you. To be honest, you'd be better on a 56cm probably, but I reckon you could ride this without being too streched out. Knowing you, it would probably end up with riser bars within a week anyway?! I'm leaving the country on Saturday, for 4 months, but we might be able to sort something out with the money, if you're seriously intersted. I'll PM you...
  7. Spec >58cm Dolan Pre Cursa frame (new and unused) >Alpina carbon track forks (new, unused, untrimmed and undrilled) >FSA internal headset (new and unused) >Front wheel: 32h Velocity deep-V, unmachined, black, radially laced with black DT Swiss double butted spokes, onto black Planet-X pista front hub. >Rear wheel: 32h Velocity deep-V, unmachined, black, 3X laced with black DT Swiss double-butted spokes, onto black Planet-X pista, double-fixed, rear hub. >Sram S100 1.1 track crankset with 48t chainring >Truvativ BB >Thomson X2 stem, 100mm >FSA Omega Compact bars (freshly taped) >Identiti T4 inline seatpost (27.2mm) (can also include Mike Burrows aero seatpost, but you'll have to be very tall to use it!) >Charge knife saddle >KMC kool light chain >Can include a set of Look Keo pedals, but I'll use them on my next bike if you don't want them. >16t cog and lockring (can't remember exactly what it is, but it's smooth, silent and has plenty of life left in it) >Continental Ultra Sport 25c tyres. £550ono This photo shows Item 3 without BB, chainset and chain (yet to be fitted, but more photos to follow tomorrow). This photo shows the bar+stem The spec is pretty average for the track, so it is very light for the road! (It's just copied and pasted from a sale thread on another forum)
  8. Sav, I'm selling this. 56cm frame, so perfect for you. £300 for the frameset, and £700 for the Corima wheelset, if you want them. If not, I'm selling my Dolan Pre Cursa, which is literally brand new and unridden. Built up in all black components, as a stealth bike. Velocity deep Vs, thomson stem, Sram track cranks, Mike Burrows aero seatpost etc. That will be abour £550 posted. Might be persuaded to sell my Poyner too. Late 80s pursuit bike, built up with period correct Italian parts, and a NOS set of campagnolo Atlanta 96 rims. Let me know if you're interested in any of them. Will sort some photos out for you if you are. Need to go this week though, because I'm leaving the country and need the $.
  9. I'm selling this. 56cm Planet-X stealth frameset, and corima 4spoke and disc, carbon track wheelset. £1000 for the lot. #Anyone interested?
  10. It would be worth way over £500 in parts, but it doesn't stop it being horrible.
  11. Just starting to boulder/climb daily again, after 2 months at sea, which feels good, but I've lost a suprising amount of strength in that time. We'll see how it goes. Might make a little video.
  12. I missed the Poyner too much, so now a friend flew out to visit, and brought it over as luggage.
  13. Ship's carpenter on a wooden superyacht, age 21
  14. Nasty break. get it sorted, and get climbing again! Yeah, the psicobloc is amazing. Going to the arch at Santanyi tomorrow, which should be fun. The belay points were pretty solid, and 3 of them are on ledges big enough to comfortably rest on, but we did a slightly harder variation on the standard route, which isn't climbed as often. The bolts on the final pitch weren't healthy, and I didn't take any trad gear up (we could have followed a crack to the top, if we had a rack of gear), so we had to abseil all the way back down, which was a bit annoying. Still an amazing climb though. The guide books are really useful, but local knowledge is far better. One of the guys I boulder with sometimes is 62, and literally knows every climb on the island. He's probably the best guide book there is. He runs a climbing gym too, which means he's a useful friend for when the winter comes. I've just started sticking some photos up on a tumblr. Mostly climbing stuff on there, and some from today, so take a look. http://samueldoman.tumblr.com/ I definitely recommend taking a trip out here to do a bit of climbing. The flights to Palma are dirt cheap, and it's worth it for the deep water stuff.