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  1. Don't have any new trials stuff to post on this forum anymore, so I guess I'll post my mtb video for the GoPro Best Line contest. If you like what you can see, you're welcome to cast a vote on on Pinkbike.
  2. Was lucky enough to have my video selected as one of the monthly finalists in GoPro's Line of the World contest on Pinkbike. Haven't been riding as much trials these days, but my skills still get put to good use on the north shore. If you like what you see, you can vote over at: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/gopro-best-of-the-world-contest-november-judging-2016.html
  3. High roller in super tacky on the rear and Schwalbe Rocket Ron in the front. Best of a bad situation which is only getting worse. Can anyone from Tartybikes comment on tire availability these days? Any rumblings on new stuff?
  4. I physically couldn't get any further back, although my fork compresses quite a bit in the shot, so I could potentially make it with my fork locked out. Not really keen on trying again to be honest My suspension setup is VERY soft compared to most riders and I don't bother making any adjustments when I'm doing trialsy stuff. You get used to it eventually. I found it really difficult at first and had a hard time even pivoting the back end around, but it becomes more natural the more I ride my mtb. It's just getting the timing right so you move with the suspension instead of against it. It's still far from ideal, but it's fine for messing around when you see a cool trials line along the trail.
  5. Amazing spot! No more radix?
  6. Here's some clips that I filmed a few months back. I haven't really been riding trials since October and have gone back to mountain biking, but I do still enjoy riding trialsy lines out on the trails. If you get bored, skip to 2:10 because the last line is pretty cool if I do say so myself
  7. Time for my annual nostalgia post. Ten years ago on an Echo Control. Plus some comp footage from 2006...
  8. I liked that one. No techno and a pretty good mix of shots.
  9. Worse conditions than having to pay thousands of dollars to fly halfway around the world, rent transportation, accommodation, live out of a backpack for weeks and months at a time, have no support from your local federation, etc? Or having no local competitions to practice at and not being able to afford to attend events in your own country or the country next to you because you're trying to save to fly to another continent in the summer when flights are most expensive? Having to quit your job because it's the only way to get months off at a time so you can stay in Europe because it costs too much to fly back and forth between events? I'm not here to argue whether you should help foreign riders get to the WC or not, but I think it's important for people to understand where we're coming from and just how difficult it is for us just to show up at these events.
  10. This.
  11. Don't worry about buying a new bike right away. Looking back, I was riding trials long before I ever got a trials bike. You can learn all the basics with a regular mountain bike which will give you a feel for the sport, and a chance to see how your body responds. Once you've ridden for a few months, reevaluate how you and your body are enjoying trials and make a decision from there.
  12. Anyone know the videos aren't embedding?
  13. Ross and I spent a few weeks in Europe this year competing and riding cool spots in Spain, France and Andorra. This was our third year in a row over there, so I guess this video is the end of the trilogy. 2013 and 2014 vids posted below as well. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/146086520 http://vimeo.com/114936550 http://vimeo.com/87070574
  14. His backyard setup is constantly evolving, so although it's the same location, he's always reconfiguring it and building new obstacles.
  15. I'm one of the biggest supporters of 24" trials bikes, but until the availability of 24" tires improves, no company in their right mind would bring out another 24" trials bike. If I was running Echo/GU, I wouldn't have put out the GU 24. It's awesome to see another frame option, but the market for 24" is small and the market for high end 24" is even smaller.