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  1. +1, I usually stick an hour plus mix on, jungle/dub. I find myself more motivated with music
  2. Great video man. It's insane how good Charlie is!
  3. That's just filthy
  4. 11am at castle park
  5. i could ride the 22nd in bristol with you
  6. Hey man, I usually ride Sunday evening. And Monday and Tuesday daytimes. Send me a pm with your number man and we can sort out meeting up for a ride.
  7. Yeah man, we're out regularly in Bristol
  8. Hey dude, there's 2 of us that ride regularly in Bristol, send me a pm and we can organise something!
  9. Nice ride mate, but do me a favour and tighten that chain up
  10. Hilarious! Got any others? I've been considering going to Marino for a while now and reading this has put me off? 5 months is ridiculous.
  11. Well, that's put me off ordering from Marino! 5 months?!
  12. 11am at temple meads if anyone's keen, should be a good turnout! Ryan
  13. Stoked with this one today, need to build the confidence to gap it to front now. IMG_3147.mov
  14. The gap at 2.34 is ridiculous!
  15. Anyone about? Should be out from 3 onwards.