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  1. Cheers mate - that Inspired ice cream was yuuuuuummm (Thanks Ben Swales!) Both of these things were legendary and have just made me chuckle to myself thinking back to it!
  2. Brilliant weekend. Well done to everyone involved in organising it and making it happen. Such a great bunch of people to hang out with. I think Adam nailed it when he said, "trials feels like a community again". Some AMAZING riding went down - very inspiring stuff. I was psyched to be a part of such a great event. Looking forward to Mark's video. Thanks That means a lot because I - like you - don't find it an easy job either!
  3. Well done Mr. Rowlands and thanks very much Mr. Travis. It probably goes without saying that I thought the use of the zoom was very particularly innovative and perfectly legitimate [/joke] Peace
  4. Great it's the 31st May - 2nd June. I'll keep updating this page with details too:
  5. True. The best in the business without question. Thanks to those of you who provide feedback - I'm glad some people liked the video. I'll be starting to sort out the rider list for Bikefest 2013 soon so if the video made you want to get involved then keep an eye out. Carl, you'll be first name down on the list IF you promise not to eat my share of the burgers
  6. Absolutely brilliant.
  7. Good memories of a fantastic three days of riding at Bikefest. Comments and feedback welcomed. Riders (Abc): Matt Arkwright Matt Barlow Euan Beaden Matt Everett Carl Hopps Sam Oliver John Shrewsbury Mike Singleton Tim Stedman Andy Cap Willan Jamie Williams Vimeo Video -> Original Video Peace Barlow
  8. Park at (or near) the railway station. Go through the subway (under the tracks) onto the sea front and there is loads of riding stretching all the way along the sea front. Map:,Penmaenmawr,+Conwy&gl=uk&ei=EVsfUYjXOMvP4QT6uYDoBg&ved=0CK4BELYD
  9. Yeah! Penmanmawr at midday? It's got rocks, street and a skate park.... EVERYTHING.
  10. I really enjoyed reading the whole interview. Thanks for sharing. Amongst other points you both made, this particularly resonated with me
  11. Aran Cook and I started filming but got kicked off our spot by an angry person - pah! We'll try again tomorrow at a different spot. We have now come up with something relatively controversial, which may get us disqualified, but we are going to do it. However, we re-read the 'rules' and think it's worth at least trying our new method and seeing if it is OK by the judges. Peace Barlow
  12. No worries Certainly doesn't look tame to me! For injuries like that it sucks how tiny bones in the feet and hands often take longer to heal that big clean-breaks
  13. Yeah but he kept on doing trials!
  14. Here you go Ali. The clips of your foot-breaking-crash are uploading now They'll be on the following link on Youtube in about an hour: It made me cringe to watch the footage back, it was bad enough being stood 10 foot away when it happened.
  15. Thanks for the positive feedback, thumbs up to Nick G! That is caught on tape but I didn't think you'd want to be reminded of it so I didn't include it! Want to see it? Glad you had a great time.