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  1. This.
  2. I was actually thinking this not long ago. If i'm lucky I could run with no tensioners . Thanks Mark.
  3. Hate tugs Earl, And the dropout only has about as much movement in it as the preformed insert of the tug. - Are you still riding? Adam
  4. Easy Lads, Looking for abit of advise, I wanna drill some holes in the below for snail cam grubs, Where does everyone think would be best? I'm thinking bottom right corner of the dropout? Thanks Adam
  5. Da Bomb Pro
  6. Any Advance?
  7. I loved my 156 it was faultless, replaced a knackered front top arm, serviced and frequent oil changes. did 30k miles in 12 months with no drama.
  8. It was - seems that is there protocol however its not very well explained. the language barrier has now resulted in the order been cancelled and me waiting on a refund
  9. Anyone had any experience with / autodoc Does this loom legit to You?
  10. Pre facelift? :(.. how much you after?
  11. Did a thing at work. Car came with a nice bodged Heatshield.. 10 mins later
  12. Mapco fuel pumps? anyone had any experience? Haven't really got the cash for VDO right now.
  13. Back to practicality...ish
  14. I'd like to think not
  15. Some people really over value their cars on the internet! (mainly swapz)