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  1. Hey man, I heard you want the Monty brake with the 2 rotors? You do know that all my things are collection only.

  2. Best bike you have had mate , looks great . I expect you to be riding once a week at least now !
  3. Spot looks sweet ! Where is it ? As said before bike looks better on film than in the photos . More videos please .
  4. Looking forward to riding London tomorrow.

    1. Miss-Higgy


      its goooood!

    2. Sam T

      Sam T

      It's going to be good!

  5. Radial spoke pattern helps with centrifugal rolling of a wheel but has no advantage to trials wheels other than a possible weight saving . Running a crossed spoke lacing pattern you are essentially making the hub flange larger making the wheel stiffer and stronger. That's my two cents.
  6. Hi how much are you asking for the fourplay?

  7. Drop outs are alot neater than some of the old Marinos I've had. Interested to see you're tensioner , but you have horizontal drop outs , do you need one? Like the Geo too . Marino forks look awful though (in general).
  8. This . Sorry for the image that looks like it was taken with a potato , all ive got at the mo .
  9. Thanks for then comments so far , got some other bikes Im going to post up at some point . Frame has a nice geo too . Up for grabs in my for sale thread . My two faves also . The black frame is a Marino 24 mod , loved that bike but it cracked and v brake lug came away. The other was a Leeson 609 Bump.
  10. Hi, do you still have the Marta's?

    1. Peppencs


      I want to buy them, but with the Hope rotor, and post to Hungary, for 60!

      Deal? :)

      Do you have PayPal?

    2. Peppencs


      Oh, and the 160mm Rockman rotor too, of course! :)

  11. Current replacement rim for the D521 is the Mavic EX721 (same rim just up to date version) expensive but arguably the best DH rim ever made . My second choice would be the rhino lite . Having eyeleted rims that are pinned AND welded made a much stronger wheel build , unlike alot of the trials specific rims on that market . Sadly with trials being a small market, big companies like Mavic and Sun don't really venture into them . I would love them to make a 24inch ex721 ! They did make a 20'' rim that resembled a D521 yeeeears ago but are hens teeth to get hold of now.
  12. The bb fitted will be a standard Shimano un72 or the like . Clive removed the threads and circlips them in the frame . You can remove them yourself , just remove the circlips and should knock out (well dose on my leeson ) Clive I'm sure will help you but dose work on his on time so wouldn't expect anything to happen fast . Speak to Mr Purdon (I assume thats whom you bought it from?) the man knows most things 24 .
  13. There is a continental 24inch tyre coming out under the Kaiser project name (previously named rammstein ) The brand manager for continental got back from a visit to there factory in germany last week and told me was still a few months away. The tyres danny has been riding were originally a one off (he made them himself in the factory) but due to interest they are putting it into production.
  14. Inspired fourplay Mk2 . Trial zone brakes Pro 2 hubs Middleburn cranks TT High rise bars Hope stem & Headset Shimano MX30 pedals Hope hub dust caps I dont really like posting pictures of the bike unfinished but just want to to see what people thought so far . Boring black white and silver theme , but will get the frame painted another time . Just need to build up the matching front wheel and looking into new tyres , recommendations welcome . Thanks for looking .