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  1. What a dream boat!
  2. Lovely Job. Should be happy with that, the bike looks great.
  3. Looks great dude. Love the gun metal turbines! Just needs some crud catchers, a DCD and retro hope QR's and its pretty much spot on! Nice to see all these older bikes still about and loved. Things don't tent to last for too long in the trials world.
  4. MK5 frame I believe. Loved my one of these.
  5. Bent mech hanger ?
  6. Halo wheels have good offering in the gravel genre: Halo Gravel wheel sets Also the Mavic Aksium disc wheel set is about the best budget wheel set going. Rims aren't that wide but suitable for a 38c/40mm tyre no problem. Wide rims are only as good as the frame clearance you have. First off invest in some decent tubeless gravel tyres. Schwalbe G-one all round is a good starting place. Hope this helps
  7. Looks fun that. Needs a 'normal' saddle though IMO. Novelty gears too Have fun on it!
  8. Love the look of this bike. Nice job Ross.
  9. Old frames with new parts Something about this era of bike people always come back too. Looks great and no expense spared! Enjoy riding it!
  10. Have been piecing together this bike for a while now and pleased that it is now almost complete. Some parts are looking a bit tired, namely the Maguras and pedals that i'll look to replace at some point. Now that almost all the parts are gathered (just missing a rear mech, XTR M950 or Durace 7600) I can start servicing it and getting it looking how it should. Some touch ups to the paint work will take place also. Will it ever get ridden? Probably not, but it will look nice. Also have a Pashley 26mhz and Orange Zero projects burning in the background. I'll get some photos up when they have a little more progress. Hope its brings a smile to you face as it does mine. Thanks for looking. Parts list: Singnature frame and fork Chris King headset Race face Prodigy stem 90x8deg Azonic double wall bars 2 inch rise XTR M950 9 speed shifter Race face Next LP carbon cranks Filthy 'Ard guard bash ring TA specials 22t chain ring Shimano UN91 (xtr) Bottom bracket Shimano DX pedals Selle italia SLR carbon saddle Unbranded seat post 30.8 Front wheel - Hope suspenson hub blue on Black 32 hole Mavic X517 (ceramic braking surface) Schwalbe gen 1 Racing Ralph 26x21 Rear wheel - Hope Bulb splined (removable disc mount) Blue 36 hole on black Sun ringle Big mammoth fat IRC EL Gato 26x2.35 Hope titanium QR skewers DuraAce 11-21 Cassette sidehop Blue Magura HS 33 ('04 style lever) with Carbonique rear booster and Magura CNC front (not pictured)
  11. A friend of mine @bearframesupplies added the mount for me. I'm sure any frame builder would be able/happy to do it for you. I have a pair of Hope Ti glide hubs with removable disc mounts in silver that would match your Pashley build if you ever did decide to go disc on it.
  12. Makes an already childlike looking bike look less child like Sure thing dude
  13. It use to belong to Mr Joel Bennett!
  14. One of my old RC250 frames. Bouthe died sadly. This one was red but stripped it after I had the chainstay re welded. A few of my ‘project’ bikes in the making. Got enough parts to build 2 of the up now. I’ll get some proper pictures posted when I do.
  15. finally got round to getting this frame repaired and re built. A new drive side chainstay fitted, rear disc mount and stripped the paint job off. Going to have some cable guides fitted in the near future. Lighter than my Fourplay it’s replaced and super short, very happy with it. Running 16/14 ratio and feels a little too easy so have ordered a 13t cog. Spec : Leeson 609 - later longer version inspired forks inspired arcade bars - hope 90x25 stem Hope headset hope m4 brakes middleburn rs7 with trials superbash Izumi super tough track chain shimano xt large pedals chris king SS ISO rear ISO front hubs on Halo T2 rims 36h Schwalbe table top tyres Sell Italia SLR Carbon Ti saddle - unbranded Carbon seat post Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do!