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  1. Some of his best clips put together. Gona miss you mate sad.gif R.I.P x
  2. Some of his best clips put together. Gona miss you mate :( R.I.P x
  3. First video teaser on mbk! Cut all the ends off cause i wanted to use them in the full vid, edited really quickly :)Full vid this month :D <br />Been riding for 3 months
  4. Damon Watsons un wanted clips.
  5. Really fancy another bike now..
  6. Has started to build a new bike :)

  7. Your ab's are just like any other muscle need time to rest! I do a 4 day split; monday: chest/tri's tuesday: Shoulder/abs wednesday: rest thursday: Legs friday: back/bi's Works pritty well, seen some decent improvements. I'll post it up sometime, need my ipod for my full workout, haven't got that on me!
  8. I now want a bike again twice as fast as i already did! That was very impressive!! top work
  9. I play pretty decent level, our first team is in nation 2 north. Hopefully going to sail academy trials! Play 2nd row, or have played 8 at lower level!
  10. Yer looking good mate, defiantly a big improvement from the last video I saw off you, and im sure once upon a time you stated these to quotes to me; ''I will never ride a stock, there gay'' ''I would never ride a magure they are shit'' If only you had listened to me earlier haha!
  11. Looks good adam, does that mean theres a yabbaa frame for sale
  12. Looks really good mate, i'll get a new bike sorted and we will sort a ride fo'sho mate yer!
  13. Shop = Pics look good mate!
  14. Thats exactly same as what I used, clarks cable! Was awesome! Deore arms were still better