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  1. Are you going to sort out the gear lever?
  2. Oh hai. Just cheap eBay ones, they were about £20? The same ones Spunky and Prawn used.
  3. I am basically a Subaru f**king pro now. An hour to take the intake pipe off and refit a new one. A further hour deleting everything to do with the PCV. Rotated GT30 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO soon.
  4. Ctrl V. After a shocking experience with a cheap inlet pipe, I've learned my lesson and realised never to touch them again. On the 1.8t VAG stuff I am used to the tolerances could be much higher without any issue. I underestimated the need for a proper fitting pipe on the STI quite hugely! I spent a week searching for an intake pipe which wasn't stupidly over priced, still had a slight kink before the turbo and didn't look like it needed loads of trimming to fit under the inlet and still get the recirculation pipe on. I was very pleased when I found the TTRacing inlet pipe for under £65 delivered, and having just got it delivered I thought I would share. I will start stripping back down to fit tonight, but initial thoughts are very promising! Expect an update of how the fitting went over the weekend
  5. Yeasss. Stephanie ALWAYS has a Swift Sport. Black one this time. And I've got a DS3 Performance, in very very yellow.
  6. No. And slightly harder to guess. Stephanie's car...
  7. Stephanie and I have got new cars today. Any guesses?
  8. Subare makes wooshy noises. And I have finally got my garage back
  9. I wouldn't bother with the LUK kit personally. CG motorsport. And a new dual mass. I had an absolute f**king arse f**k of a time fitting a SMF kit to my S3; the parts supplied were LUK and didn't fit. I ended up with CG and couldn't have been happier. I cannot recommend them strongly enough; and that you buy a new breather and clips, as well as a new slave. Do it right once.
  10. What car. What fly wheel. What clutch.
  11. Bit of a mare with the Poobaru. So I found that the intake hose was split. I originally bought a reasonably cheap silicone inlet pipe for it, and after massivery effort I came to the very sub optimal situation of slightly ripping the hose at the turbo inlet. This annoyed me. I globbed some silicone around the rip and no put it all together. This annoyed me and I knew I needed a new one. So I took the inlet manifold off, fitted some 8mm heat resistant spacers and replaced every single hose and clamp possible, all of the vacuum lines and basically anything I could get my hands on. Reassembled with the slightly ripped turbo intake pipe, all my will be taking it apart next week to fit a new, more expensive turbo intake pipe which should fit much better and not require silicone ripping force to get around the inlet and onto the turbo. It sounds lovely and healthy now Unfortunately none of the silicone inlets will work with the stock MAF and airbox arrangement so I've had to fit a very nasty cone filter. However I plan to purchase a 45* silicone joiner and mount a Honda S2000 air filter in the place of the standard airbox with a cold air feed from both the wing vent as well as a small trumpet mounted in the lower fog light cover with ducting through the wing to the filter. As the standard airbox assembly has a snorkel from the slam panel into a resonator in the wing and then through to the airbox. Giving me two nice big holes in the wing for ducting as well as a snorkel which I can cut to shape to feed the filter.
  12. Subaru's are f**king shit. I thought I'd make a start on removing the intercooler and getting everything off ready for new parts. Didn't realise what a f**k pig of a job it was. Somebody on Scoobynet described removing the turbo intake pipe without removing the inlet manifold as ''a job I wouldn't do again if you had my wife and children at gunpoint.'' For those not so in the know, it's the big black pipe you can't see which is under the two red tubes on the left hand side of the engine bay. And as about 17,000 annoying pipes coming off it. Ordinarily it is totally concealed so I didn't realise just how bad and split it was. Boo. I'm struggling to find any enthusiasm for putting it back together. It was kind of cool taking the intercooler and all the piping for the water spray off and expecting to see an engine, but just seeing a gearbox. So with everything taken off and the car awaiting parts I stuffed a cloth into the inlet and turbo holes and will sit tight. Whilst it's off it's hard to not just put a new turbo on it. Now is the time to do it; I could have the thing off in 20 minutes; the oil lines would need unbolting, the v-band cracking off and the actuator vac line unplugging and it would be off.
  13. Spent more money on the Subaru. Replacement boost hoses, a wide bore intercooler y pipe, new gaskets for the intercooler and DV, springs should hopefully be on next weekend and oil and filter change next week. I've had it since April and done just about 2000 miles.
  14. Mum was in Boots and saw "some camera film for sale" because it was due to expire in September. She picked up 20 rolls of Ilford XP2 SUPER for 50p each. Score.