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  1. I was intrigued myself
  2. I think it's just online mate
  3. Still can't hop..

  4. Cheers buddy Honestly, not a great deal. I'm ok with my balance etc but I'm really struggling to hop forwards, just can't get my co-ordination right. More practice needed I guess!
  5. [[ old thread split and continued from here: ]] I'm Rich, had a trials bike for a few years but I got impatient as I couldn't do everything first time so it's been sat in my garage for a while. Decided the time has come to actually try harder & stick at it this time. Looking forward to seeing what's around the forum & peoples bikes & rides etc etc.
  6. Evening all, I've had a trials bike for around 5 years or so now but not really done anything with it. I bought it, tried to learn, got bored within a month as I couldn't do everything first time, pit it away & it has pretty much lived in the garage every since. I've recently decided to actually stick at it this time, so the learning process has started all over again. Turns out I joined up on here in '07 but didn't say hello, so, hello