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  1. Hey guys! Haven't been here in a while. Got a question for y'all. Im looking to install Windows 7 on my old macbook pro running Yosemite. Because Yosemite just hogs disk space! Only problem is, I only own an 8gb SD card. I know how to manually create a bootable USB/SD Card via Terminal. But when it comes to using Boot Camp and going through the process, it only allows me to use USB and not the SD Card. Does anyone have any solution or workaround? I don't want to be running OS X at all.
  2. Wow... I have no words for what i just watched.
  3. you've got potential dude. keep it up! And don't quit like i did! biggest mistake ever.
  4. As it has a magura on it make sure to keep an eye on the welds where the seat stays meet seat tube. I was running an 05 HS33 on mine with a 2bolt booster + a V-brake booster for extra stiffness and within 3 months from new it formed cracks on both sides. However the bike was such great fun and rode really well! enjoy it!
  5. Couldnt choose! All my bikes have had their own personality. All rode uniquely! Starting off with my Simtra ST-1. Still have the frame even though it is no longer in tact. Then there was my T-Pro, Which was built from spare parts and bodged together. It was also modded a fair bit and was fairly light! Next up was my gold charmer... Then there was my 07 Zoo Python... Absolute brick wall! Was built like a tank! My Because simple 24 was a right lovely bike. Flicky like a mod yet tapped like a stock. Got on well with this bike! My echo Urban was also a brilliant play bike! Soo much fun took place on it. Unfortunately it got stolen outside Charring Cross Station in glasgow. And last of all my Koxx XTP V-Racing... I do not currently have a picture of my current rig... But pics will follow as it is most definately my most favourite bike so far! And it aint even a trials bike!
  6. should have invested in one of these...
  7. I have been Running a dev preview version of iOS6 for about 2 months now and i havent had a problem with videos on vimeo or Youtube at all. However Im still running the iOS6 Golden Master Version of the Dev Preview so i wouldnt be able to tell with the final version. My version runs ever so smoothly Got iOS6 GM Version and you'll be sorted Run that until Apple sort their shit out!
  8. Shorter bars can make the bike feel a little un-stable.
  9. It happened to me too on my old onza zoot... the hole in mine was no where near that big so i got round the problem with some duct tape. held it together just the treat. The answer to your question however is that your not alone!
  10. Sounds to me like the lines are grouped together. Ungroup the lines and that should allow you to change the colours. Assuming your Using Adobe Illustrator.
  11. Right guys, I posted a mix on here about month ago, and now I have recorded a new mix with the feedback from the last thread. Hope you guys like it! I have gone down the Electro-Fidget line for this one!
  12. Right guys, I started DJing in january 2011 and i have finally figured out how to record my mixes using audicity. This is my first recorded mix using my CDJ's. Tell me what you think guys
  13. Another one?! God sake! My bike was stolen from charring cross in febuary! And mine was locked up nice and tight. I reckon it could be the same guy, possibly selling them. He needs shot!
  14. Yeah it was the one on ebay. I got it for 450. The auction ended early because i wanted it that badly haha! Since i got it last wednesday i managed to rip the front magura louise pad off the backing and the pedal thread on the left crank stripped. The crank just stripped off without warning! Other than that it is lovely!
  15. Right guys! Managed to get a hold of a koxx XTP V-Racing which used to be a dream bike of mine until i thought there were none left. then i found this and in really good condition too! Also at an astonishingly good price! The bike rides so nice! Just love it! What you think guys?!