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  1. i live in wigan and have a garden setup me and a couple lads ride on sundays or local spots.
  2. im 28 i ride often i don't ride big big obstacles but i do try and look fairly good whilst doing what i do haha im in wigan.
  3. i run ozonyz curve v5 dual disc frame and run bonz hubs
  4. as i said pal if you get in that mood sometimes it helps to just roll around on the bike without trying to do anything then you sometimes randomly pass something that makes you think i want to do that sometimes it doesn't but just rolling around to the point where you have still had good exercise and just want to go home isn't a bad thing
  5. i just roll around messing about when i get those days i don't try anything major just roll lol
  6. Hey your an hour and a half drive from me i live in wigan have have a garden setup i ride there's a couple other areas near me also that's ideal to learn
  7. I stumbled upon a facebook page a month or so ago featuring back garden trials setups videos and wondered if anyone here had any back garden trials setups they would post on there i'm building one up myself and could do with a few ideas https://www.facebook.com/groups/1956586994621804/ If this isn't allowed please take it down
  8. People really used to like them only problem i ever thought might be a flaw is the head tube welds but thats my opinion
  9. depends on how you ride the 20" i can't stand bmx but i ride 20 i am more of a comp style rider 6ft 2 really comfortable lol
  10. it all depends on the kind of trials riding you want to do street strials or comp freestyle do anything kinda trials lol 24 have both styles echo are good for the doing anything kinda trials and inspired are the way to go for street have you looked at the 20" and 26" atall if so whats your thoughts?
  11. drop me your number buddy so i can call if i end up somewhere else haha.
  12. Riding tomorrow in wigan if anyone else if riding in any surrounding areas give me a text 07966588850 i have a car and can drive just drop me a message or give me a call not an amazing rider but need to get out!
  13. im in springfeild road not far from dw stadium i found a little spot that would be pretty fun to have a mess around on.
  14. Looking for riders in or near Wigan i can drive to meet somewhere i don't know any riding spots round here and im not an amazing rider lol i have limits
  15. in plymouth we used to ride a good 5/6 miles to get to town then ride all day and bus/ walk back mod riders also