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  1. Love that Thread. Im part way through my Pace Will upload when Finished
  2. I Have some........... Please contact me at Cheers
  3. Fudge. How does Andrei get on at the worlds?
  4. Beast, get that badboy up joe
  5. Rather than make a topic each time, check out the link below, it has a selection of old video's including some of the best riders around
  6. MJCycles Video from 2004 Riders in the video (not in order) Mike Carlin Dave Harding Chris Lang Phil Williams Matt Awkright Stan Shaw Andrew Roscoe Craig Lee Scott Neil Tunnicliffe
  7. MJCycles Video from 2004 Riders in the video (not in order) Mike Carlin Dave Harding Chris Lang Leo Girling Phil Williams Danny Leadbetter John McDonough (JTM) Alan Felton Wayne Mahomet Danny Smith Adam Read Alastair Clarkson
  8. Re uploaded WTUK-Perfect day. Made in 2003, its amazing to think how far the standard has moved on. Riders: Mike Carlin Chris Lang Dave Harding Leo Girling Matt Awkright Stan Shaw Andrew Roscoe (Rossi) John Blundell (Bongo) Craig Lee Scott Anthony Wardle (Fruitbat) Enjoy
  9. That is perfectly done, great watch
  10. Evening all. This mainly applies to the local Warrington lot but there have been loads of bike's being stolen from places likes home, colleges and outside places of work. As a result the local police are clamping down (as best they can) and have decided to offer anyone a free security tag on their bike! They are doing it in a few locations but I offered the front of the shop as there is a bit of space. If you want to have your bike tagged it's well worth popping down. It is from 11am to 3pm on Saturday 21st July at MJCycles, 752 Knutsford Road, Latchford, Warrington, WA4 1JS
  11. Did a Demo with the boys Ben and Cap. Really well done gig from the boys, got the crowd going. The Gap between the platforms got a bit big!
  12. Really enjoyed observing today. Managed to get most of the decisions correct, I hope. Thanks to all involved.
  13. Look whats on top of today's WIMP videos -
  14. I think we should hook up.
  15. Me, CJ and others will be there 2moz, looking forward to it.