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  1. Hey dude!

    Do you fancy meeting up for a ride somewhen? Be good to meet some new people and I need to get into it!

  2. Am like the only one in Southampton i think.
  3. Cool, i should be up for the ride if i dont feel like shit.
  4. Count me in for any weekend
  5. I should be game in, if my card come's by friday.
  6. Was a good ride weather was sweet. It was nice to ride with some old rider's its been along time. and thanks to the dude who gave me a half link .
  7. Does anyone have a mech hanger which would fit a zoo bitbull 06 stock or anythink which can tighting the chain to ride, if so could thay bring one please if you can. Cheers.
  8. Count me in, also matt from eastleigh should be there . Weather is meant to be ok Tomorrow. here's the weather
  9. Hmmmmm i might also pop down. It's should be all right weather sunday
  10. hmmm maybe next sunday if weather is good? then i can ride
  11. that suck's to hear, and sweet i leave mine about 9ish and ride down.
  12. this is sunday, matt not changed it yet.
  13. Yeah, lovely rain .
  14. Count me in. Change it to a sunday if you can, be nice to ride with ash again.