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  1. Not really angry, more frustrated. Im In limbo about when I start my new job, none of the departments/managers have any idea when it will be and I just want to be in and working already. Im not liking hanging around with very little to do until I start!
  2. I'm back in Plymouth for good on Monday. We will have to go out
  3. Im moving back to Plymouth
  4. My main issue is I'm running out of money very quickly! Plus I'm kinda getting bored of doing temp. work, I want to use my degree for something!
  5. Starting to get fed up of not being able to find a proper 'career' based job. Been applying for loads and haven't been offered anything
  6. My bike isn't quite fixed yet or else i would have come out
  7. I have literally just started to downloaded this! I'm literally obsessed with Australian Hip-Hop!
  8. Luke have you spoken to Max about it? He'll know the best places you can head to. Plus ride Cannock Chase cause then you can see me aswel
  9. Just got through the phone interview and on to the face to face interviews/assessment day, I really want this job!
  10. Got through to the next stage of interviews/tests for a job i really want to do!
  11. Just saw Bliss N Eso, Horrorshow and Seth Sentry live. Was sooooo sick!
  12. Spent yesterday in the pub with some of the biggest names in Australian Hip-Hop. Was such a good day!
  13. Was meant to be having a phone interview at 2. Its now 4.22 and they still haven't rung me.
  14. Staying in Cornwall over the summer, excited and nervous at the same time!
  15. Cheeky 64% in my dissertation Big thanks to everyone who helped out in anyway, really appreciate it. The trials riding community is awesome!