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  1. Hey everyone! (First of all just say that I post this thread here because i think it's the most appropiate place to do so. Admins please feel free to change the subforum or remove it.) I've been a trials rider for many years but 3 years ago I jumped on the enduro bandwagon, though haven't quit trials. On saturday a friend of mine filmed me some clips and he decided to put them together, and he throw this amazing video. hope you enjoy it as much as we did while filming! Feel free to visit my friend's facebook page to check his work! https://www.facebook.com/MForn.Studio/?hc_ref=ARQWqDQRHE1bipcmSGkfK8E2YnN7xG4dAHMEerzxPWHFe0ngR-xs33T24rU2GfoGoiY have fun ride bikes!
  2. he was using violon resin instead of tar not even a kid would be expecting manuals and 180 from these guys lol
  3. wtf have I just seen. the main point i get after reading some reviews is what I think: - that watching this video is a waste of a time because I don't wanna listen to a guy talking in a car in a video that is supposed to be about trials riding - is a waste of time making this video considering Jack's HUGE potential. that being said, I just have wasted some of my time so that next Jack's video show's what he's able to do on a bike
  4. Hey! Just put together some old clips I filmed last year. Hope u enjoy it as much as I did. Every single second of aurel's riding is poetry. Guess who's the guy laughing all the time at the background. I think only comp people will.
  5. where did you get this information? i really doubt it's made of 7075 T6. Cedric Fontenoy said me it's made of 6061 T6, so this post is over
  6. not much more to say, I would like to know of which material is the Inpulse R frame made of. I've searched it in the inpluse bike web and it doesn't say anything about the material.
  7. is anyone else trying to watch de 20 superfinals but the link is not working?
  8. Hey This vid takes part in a spaniard forum video contest Hope you like it Any kind of criticism is welcome
  9. new prices ?
  10. good vid, liked it
  11. Its a village called Premià de Mar, you can get there by train
  12. really enjoyed that ! congratulations for such a good vid and please, go to italy
  13. does anyone knows which are the brake clamps that allow more vertical movement ? I have the same problem on my speed race solo 2010 frame with tensile brake clamps
  14. a short sick section just 2 mins