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  1. That was awesome
  2. They actually lasted a while back then and most people ran hope 185 rotors. Brakes are better now so maybe a 165/160 rotor would be ok and put less stress on it
  3. That video was nice, no wonder Samuel is so good so young. More please
  4. maybe Andy is right but still harsh. Rafa has serious skill but maybe not the grace to match. Perhaps to many of you guys are stuck in 2011? Trials is evolving into something new along with some seriously nice new styles... hopefully we will be lucky enough to get to watch these in video, I am grateful for all the efforts
  5. Yes that's a trial zone in that, I thought they had made another with a slightly different design for Ashton at one point but I may be totally wrong, from memory the hope I had a go with didn't have the same tpa design, it felt ok but not as good as a racing line (performance) not quality, I did have a photo on my old phone.
  6. It's been around for about 2 years and is a version of of the brake levers they made for Martyn Ashton which he used on his road bike party videos
  7. Jeff is a top bloke who is a very good ambassador for trials, what's the problem with a donation of £1? I'm sure more is wasted on worse things. hea also helped me out in the past with the loan of spare parts when I didn't even know him. A true gent
  8. I managed to remove the decals on the hashtagg frame I had no problem, i just used meths and plenty of elbow grease, the black paint under was fine
  9. No, what I'm after is some information on how to make decent videos.
  10. I wasn't being negative or winey, I wouldn't know where to look for these good bmx videos. Im not having a bitch about any one not liking any videos I'm simply trying to educate myself and others. I really can't see why your coming along with that type of "winey" comment. If some one posted a topic on how to bleed a magura there would be plenty of how to guides etc, what's the different with videos ? Iv never had to post a topic of how to bleed my brake, neather did I find the need to be negative to any one who did.
  11. Yes I enjoy all of the Andy T videos, he's very talented. iv never watched any bmx videos so I don't understand what you mean
  12. After reading all the negative comments people feel the need they have to express right through the this section of the forum I thought it would be a good addition to here for people who want to try and make some quality videos, there seems to be a shortage of quality videos around these days. any thing we can do to increase the production can only be a positive for all members, many who only really come on to use the video section. I would like to try myself but I don't really have a clue when it comes to this area, any positive information would be appreciated.
  13. Jacks at shipley glen every morning, he won't mind you filming him
  14. Yea I would agree he needs to team up with some one decent at makings videos, where it might be easy for some people to make videos and even understand what it takes to make a good video etc maybe that's just a talent that comes easy to you, it could be the same for the people who can't ride a bike for shit, what I'm trying to say is everyone has their own talents and its obvious which talent Jack has. It probably comes to him as easy as filming and video production for other. I really hope some one like Alex or Mark can make a video of his riding very soon as it will definitely be good for Jacks street cred and our enjoyment.