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  1. Like all sports bike trials is consistantly evolving and as others have said it is a shame that the forum has gone so quiet. I used to spend a lot of time on here and really enjoying the community we had. I thought perhaps i was just out the loop now but it seems the forum has died somewhat. Things tend not to move backwards so it unlikely to get any better on here. That said i will endevour to follow the progress of the sport through other sources and as Mark said dicover other riders etc.
  2. Bike looks great. What cranks are they?
  3. I'm 30 and just getting back into it. Simply for some fitness really. I still have my bike. Need to update it a bit and give it a good service then i'm good to go.
  4. I wasnt aware this was the english and grammer forum.. leave him alone, he obviously isnt doing it on purpose. If you dont have answers for his questions then dont reply in the thread. Kay the do have a point, if you are having trouble with getting your message across then get some one to help so we are able to understand, that way we can help with your requests.
  5. I'd start off with an onza. Great bikes and they cater for the lower end of the market.
  6. well done joe! top job
  7. I dont get how he fell off either. I wouldnt do that move to that side anyway.. always the side of my leading foot. Funny though. +1 with the helmet. My friend cracked his helmet in half on 3 pallets last year, i'll never not wear mine
  8. Always wanted to have a go on a speedrace, looks good mate, how do the belae pads ride? I was deciding between them and the hs yellows, i went for yellows.
  9. Might be a bit late now. ( i dont check the forum that much) i'll be riding sunday with a few others if you want to come along. That goes for anyone else who fancies coming over
  10. How is he not dead disgustingly good!
  11. I'm pretty sure you can turn email notifications on. I'm sure someone will correct me if im wrong. Have a look in your control panel.
  12. Seems to be a common misconception about sidehopping the 'correct way' The correct way is the way that you feel most comfortable.. You wouldnt start playing football with the other foot because somebody says its better. I'd stick to going the way that suits you. I guess this is kick foot side. There is nothing wrong with that loads of people do it. Including myself
  13. It's not really a sidehop if your putting your front wheel over the object.. i imagine your just throwing your weight over the front with you wheel over the object. Given your situation i'd say the best solution is to try it starting with both wheels on the ground. That way going from backwheel will just come naturally
  14. Mod (smaller ones) tend to be a bit lighter and are easier to chuck around. I think they are easier to learn on as well. I advise you to stick with what you have though. There are pro's and cons for both bike, neither is 'better' than the other. So there is little point in changing really.
  15. I sprayed my frame recently, i've done a few and they have come out fine. The only downside is it's not very strong, but then not much will hold up to a scratch in trials. I would go for a self sprayed jobby, you will only scratch it anyway. Up to you though really