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  1. It's not the first bike that I've seen with the disc caliper between the two stays there. It does make sense what with it being tucked away and so protected there. There must be some kind of downside though. Not as easy to fit adaptors and bigger rotors to, maybe?
  2. Ah, I see now. He was supposed to share the riding skill with me but he kept it all for himself. Punk.
  3. Regarding the wobbly camera video up there, that's normally a technique reserved for filming actors who can't fight (or jump over fences, Liam Neeson!) If that guy's got mad skills, give us some flippin wide shots so we can see how he does it!
  4. It's weird, isn't it? Just gotta chalk it up to the different culture I guess. I suppose there hasn't been the moment for Koreans where they spent their teenage years tearing around on their bikes. The Stitched is still looking like the top choice atm, although a hardtail is another option. I think the Scott Voltage is available here, hmmm.
  5. Yeah, there is that. I did wonder about potentially fitting a hanger tensioner and being able to mount gears that way. That said I've ridden single speed most of my MTB life, so it's not a deal breaker for me. Thanks for the heads up on the Trid though, that's a sound suggestion. Edit - I checked, and Polygon DO have a dealer here, but the dealer's website only shows Polygon's.... tandems? Presumably I could make a request for them to order it in but they might also decline. Wack! Dirt jump bikes are very unusual over here. Most bikes are pro XC bikes ridden by aging dudes going up and down the riverside paths.
  6. Sup TF guiz, I don't have a bike. In Korea, getting a cool bike isn't as easy as in the UK. There are no online trials shops that I know of, no decent online MTB shops that do anything not XC. With that said, I have manage to find that this bike, Canyon Stitched, is available here. Apparently they're pretty good value. I actually really like the look of the 720, dual sus one, but I'd take the hardtail too. But, are Canyon actually any good? Anyone here ridden one? --- It's this, by the way
  7. Was it a jukebox?
  8. Why?
  9. If that's 26" it's a T-Rex. If it's 24" it's a Zoot, the original one.
  10. Innit, I started Judo soon after I moved to Korea and a year later I went for a hike. There were wooden steps to walk up most of the way, so I ran up them and got to the top and I thought, 'Why are my lungs not on fire right now?'
  11. Welp, I do not currently own any sort of bicycle here in Korea. I had a BMX at one point, and a fixie (that thing flew) but I sold them all. In Nottz I have a white Ciguena 24 frame. I think about it fondly, but I'm in no danger of building it up from here, so we're safe. If I did move back to the UK, I imagine it would start getting assembled somehow.
  12. It's not so bad over here, it's mostly winding down now but there are still cases cropping up. Yeah, those old days. Those late night kebabs were great! The freezing cold less so. Korea's okay. Rather be here than the UK in this situation! Finally work is opening up so at least some money is coming in. Mostly teaching adults now which is better than kids lol. Also got back to judo! You still got a bike?
  13. Now listen here you, I'm doing fine. So's the baby. It's looking like he'll start crawling soon! How are you doing? Has old Corona affected you and your bidnis much?
  14. Yes. The videos are long but they're really watchable. He's trying it again now. He was going to do another country - maybe Scotland - but the ol' Rona got in the way, so he's done Wales again, this time with a friend.