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  1. f**king Pokemon Go. Still not out in South Korea. WTF 'We can't release it because South Korea won't give Google Maps access to detailed maps.' and yet I can use google maps and see the individual shop names within gated apartment communities. :|
  2. That just reminds me of this.
  3. Haha, thanks man. Things are all good here, it's good fun. I've got the riding bug again so I've been snooping around for some 24" videos. Ali's vlog is great!
  4. Nice, I bought some rings to use and they're really versatile. I use them with a routine I made using reddit's bodyweight fitness forum.
  5. J Are you gonna get some gymnastic rings for it? They're not too expensive on ebay.
  6. That's some quality English. Hey, since you've got a CNC machine in your pants, and your head is also CNCed, you must be pretty good at yoga, right?
  7. Yes, thanks for posting that.
  8. There isn't an automatic option for price lowering, is there? On amazon there is, makes it mega cheap to but but a bit dicks to sell.
  9. Wow, those adverts on the side of dodgy websites aren't total shit?
  10. I did Karate til 2nd Kyu. I was sad that we never learned throws or applications. I came to Korea and I'm learning judo here. Belts change quick, I'm at 4th belt now. It's good fun.
  11. I hope that's true, the problem might be tracking a seven string down! I wish there was a 7 string SG.
  12. More strats, fewer teles! I sure would like a 7 string. Wonder how much they are over here.
  13. I didn't want to be too overt, but yes.
  14. I still have a bat cat for a picture.

    1. HippY


      I just checked it and yes, you are right, thank you very much for informing us