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  1. Don't forget you need a printer with self defence skills!
  2. It's Christmas in Creer right now so, Merry Christmas, TF!
  3. Man, I wish I knew how other people get through it. This was the number one thing that stopped me from being a remotely good rider. Psyched myself out of so many things :|
  4. Snow is bullshit. Well, actually it's pretty fun to play with, and it does look nice, but aside from that, snow sucks. Also the mud flap on my electric scooter snapped. This was not a genuine part but still, disappointed. These two complaints are related - now I have mud up my trouser legs. God damn snow.
  5. Never, ever try to spread actual butter on bread.
  6. On the topic of jobs, I managed to get a job as a front end developer for a blockchain company. Super grateful for it, it pulled me out of a pickle for sure, haha. Also now I get to sit in a warm office messing around with React and JavaScript instead of twiddling my thumbs or trying to get kids to speak English.
  7. Nonsense, what's not to love about either dragging the dusty box out of the loft and making a mess, or having the real tree shed needles all over the place?
  8. Related to this, people getting really fixated on particular celebrities and what they're doing or wearing. People also get that way with football teams, which is pretty weird too.
  9. Will there be others? ...Did senior members get post-moving permissions? :0
  10. I quite like watching the 24Tour vid, it’s fun, as well as featuring good riding. I’ve been watching a lot of Flipp’s videos recently. Flipp is nuts, even if you have brakes, Flipp can out-ride you.
  11. Hey, you’ve gone green!
  12. Man, that first transition to drone... the drone pilot is pretty handy!