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  1. Ye it is very light to ride will Get it weighed soon as seat will be definitely be going soon and new inspired one is going on there hahah
  2. Ye I am having problems with the disc so will be changing them soon
  3. Ye I will be changing the seat at some point really happy with the bike thanks for all the help mark
  4. Ye was think Seat Clamp and bash ring Bolts
  5. Ye just needs abit more orange I think but am happy I went with the orange in the end
  6. Thanks man
  7. My new inspired Skye V3
  8. we need more vids like this nice one mark good to see Ali back riding again
  9. Is ok Ben I am bring a pump
  10. ha seen Waynio do that the first year
  11. you will be surprised how grip it is in the wet the woodfest guys will just get the chainsaws and put growths in the wood
  12. I was down at tartydays last night with matt you guy are going to love it
  13. Cheers I think am the only one with a echo 24 I think ever one is going for inspired I would like one but my echo is Still going strong And I got the tech brake of my m8 and the hope Hubs
  14. i think the geo is 1035 35+ 380 well my brake pads are pushed in as far as they can go and i still have to use tpa so thst is why i cant grind my rim i am up for selling this echo fame so i can get my new inspired cheers Alex
  15. Thanks These rims are the pimps the pimiplites are 28mm And the pimps are 32mm but this rim is still to small Going dual disk on my new inspired any way Cheers Alex