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  1. He's catching up with you and @Ross McArthur, @LEON. That is for sure...
  2. RJ

    When i was living in Bristol it was awesome going around and spotting random RJ lines. Then realising just how ridiculous some of them where and how I wouldn't have touched them with a barge pole. Always a pleasure to watch any of his videos.
  3. So good, James! Loved it. How you make lines out of some of the set-ups you do is beyond me.
  4. Yo guys, A little video i made doing some nibbles during my daily exercise allowance. Comments welcome
  5. Assuming this is for trials and you're looking for a trialsy non-modulating brake then you can't go wrong with trialtech pads. So damn powerful. Get a set of MT5 pads (they'll fit the MT7 caliper and have less pad rock) If it's for trials and you want a decent modulating pad then i found that some of the superstar organic pads are actually pretty good for trialsy stuff but also modulated much better. I might be on my own here but i also never really had a problem with the magura standard pads. THey were always enough for me
  6. Slide / Skid to tyretap was sweet. Enjoyed that
  7. What you need to get for the TA26 is one of these -
  8. I think you know as well as the rest of us that Trump is likely to regret nothing he does / says / thinks.
  9. Don't know the password, dude. Hopefully this helps though...
  10. Tonights viewing is now sorted then! Thanks gents
  11. Keep at it, you'll land one yourself one day... Nice video lads. Enjoyed it.
  12. Couldn't decide if it'd be you or Ross who'd be first in with the news....below is your reward;
  13. To make life easier for peeps, I just found that Exeter uni have a dediated site for it - I don't really know where I land on this yet, but I think i'm closer to aphantasia than hyperphantasia. When it comes to riding I always wondered if those who can visualise see themselves in first person doing whatever they're doing. I feel i can see in 3rd person, i.e. how a camera shot might look, but when it comes to seeing myself doing something, I'm like Mark as in i've learnt by watching others and essentially I have to put in 10,000hrs before i get comfortable with things (Mark can also vouch for this having filmed for me...)
  14. They'd have probably owed you money if your phone battery was able to last long enough to log our whole Strava ride...haha