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  1. So many good lines, Flipp! Amongst many other ridiculous lines, the hook90 on that wall / rail is just silly ridiculous.
  2. Totally agree with all of this. Unless you're buying the full brake and it comes with MT6/7 levers then I'd just stick with MT2/4 Levers
  3. This is pretty damn good. You should watch it.
  4. Nice lads. Liked Flipp’s tekkers lines on the back of benches in hull
  5. Some interesting methods of SPAM bots right there....
  6. Holy Moly, take his wig off, and that might drop some weight for you. Glad he's doing well though!!
  7. for the lazy ones:
  8. Trailforks App is pretty handy as well....
  9. Once you've applied to the bank to remortgage your house, then paid for the hubs, then received the hubs, and then enjoyed their beauty before buildng them into wheels, and finally taken them out for a ride. Just you make sure, before that first gap to a hand rail, that you've got that email saved in your inbox... /cynicaloldman
  10. @TB_Python, st nicks is fine still plenty of alright stuff to ride! Some stuff not great in the wet but it’s all there for you fair weather boys ;-)
  11. As i assume we're all looking at this from a trials perspective, obviously it's not aimed at what we do and the pressures we put through hubs compared to say, going up hill with a 32th front cog and a 46 tooth rear cog. lets assume its been well tested for use on the mtbs....but in terms of your question archie, i wouldn't wanna risk riding trials on this with 1 pawl engaging at a time. Even with flex.
  12. @Ali C, are you still running I9 hubs? how do you rate compared to Hope in terms of engagement reliability? Would you / will you be running one of these hubs on the trially?
  13. I hope you're going to change that tensioner out for a shimano 105 mech with a 50mm piece of gear cable to sort get the right position...
  14. @greg1040 Check yourself oot... can you miss trials? its still there. Get yourself get back involved. What has changed is the TGS'ers have stopped making videos like they used to, then blamed street trials for it. I moved to street trials as i'd been riding barges for too long and got tired of sidehopping / maxed out on my hops. The change to my inspired made trials fun again for me. Change is good for you. Don't be stuck in your ways.
  15. Chainrings were so big back then that knee guards were more necessary than worrying about your flares catching. Although the flares did give the middleburns that solid polished look
  16. Dave, I've got a spark and its an awesome little bit of kit. The battery lifes a little crap though 13-14 mins per battery at max really, but the footage and picture quality is good enough to make up for that. Uses the same software as the other drones too, so thats a nice bonus if you ever upgrade. If you can get one for a decent price, then i'd say go for it!
  17. Dave, wtf kind of ab routine did you do back then? Are you still ripped as fook? Seeing as you appear to have 12 - 14 ab muscles, can you lend me some? RIP DJ!
  18. Big stuff, ryan! nice to see a tgs'er going big
  19. I'm looking forward to our TF beef over the winter period
  20. I can imagine that the spoke / valve alignment in that picture is giving anyone who regularly builds wheels nightmares.
  21. Thanks to everyone for their comments. Appreciate it! It was a good couple of days, and glad i got some half decent stuff done given the mileage we put in. @Ross McArthur, i do like how much detail you watch videos in. I also like how it riled you up enough to comment on it. Must do more of it. On the ender, I'd suggest its not as big as you'd maybe think, but it is the biggest I've done, and off the brick wide wall, I was pretty pleased with it.
  22. I really enjoyed that! I think it was the music, but I thought it had some Reet Merschat vibes going on.
  23. CZECK AARON BROWNE!! Nice riding Jan! Enjoyed the vid
  24. Looks absolutely normal to me. You'd struggle to get the 'kick' through the pedals if it didn't start higher than the rear foot. I think you're over thinking things.