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  1. A nice place for trials riding!
  2. Thanks! I'm using Panasonic Lumix G7 with 14-140mm lens and Rode VideoMicro so I can cut out the wind noise. I set the camera to 1080p50, the footage looks great when its bright out. I added another video to "Post A Video Of Todays Riding" thread if you are interested.
  3. Thanks Ross!
  4. Not the best riding spot but something...
  5. Some clips from riding this morning.
  6. some old tricks
  7. Mainly riding rocks!
  8. Thanks for the comments :-) . I didn't notice his bar angle at the time, it does look rolled forward a lot.
  9. That was great, love the bar spins!
  10. Thanks Ali, I think I might have a go when I next ride my bike. Hopefully I won't end up going over the handlebars.
  11. That's cool, just wanted a rough idea, amazing! I'm really rubbish at straight bunny hops. My excuse - I think having a really high bottom bracket doesn't help with stability at speed. It's better for me when i'm going onto an object.
  12. Can you reveal how high Danny can bunny hop? I watched one of the Drop and Roll tour videos and looks like he has ridiculous hop on him. I like how you angle the bike in the air to get extra height.