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  1. I still have the footage from riding that bike. I will post back when I upload it to YouTube. Thanks!
  2. Matt24. I tried not to make the video too long. I probably could have made a few clips shorter but pleased to hear you like the video. Yes I used to go to that spot with Dave Marshall, was a really fun to ride on those walls. I used to practice front wheel taps a lot, I could make that tap in the clip from 2005 but I don't seem to have any evidence of it anymore ! Thanks!
  3. thanks for the comments . In 2003 I would have take a lot of attempts to just get one line on camera! The first Yellow frame is a (I think) - 2007 Echo Control, the shorter wheel base version. The second yellow frame is a Onza Limey IV. Thanks!
  4. I have made a similar video a few years ago but I thought I would update it to 20 years :-)
  5. As the rocks were a bit slippery I decided to ride some trials type lines on the side of the hill.
  6. I'm aiming to keep making short videos this year. So I thought I would start a new topic to put them in one place. Will have to really try and ride some new places too! My YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLC_FZ44bQuiNKPyIqdxNzQ
  7. A few clips from today
  8. Really enjoyed watching this too, amazing riding & venue.
  9. A quick trials ride at Watchmoor Bike Park. I uploaded this video again after I accidentally deleted the original. This one has different music
  10. After making an edit of Ian riding here I decided to come back with my bike
  11. Thanks, they are TNN pads I will have to check which ones. I have been using them for a long time as I rarely angle grind the rim, maybe once a year!
  12. A few clips