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  1. The GET videos by Nick Goddard can be found on YouTube:
  2. Sorry bit of a topic bump, but here is the tap Nick did at 3:33 mark. He made it easy somehow...
  3. I'm trying to find out the name of this pedal up type move. When the front wheel is pushed into the top edge to create more lift. Like in this video at the 1:21 mark Thanks!
  4. Wow that was good, your videos are looking professional! I like the way you show the whole process of learning something new.
  5. Thank you! I agree about the rear v-brake tower. I noticed in Ali C's Echo Pure video he managed to put v brake mounts on the lower part of the 4 bolt mount which looks a lot cleaner.
  6. I got a new frame from tartybikes recently after riding the same geometry for 7 years (Onza limey IV). Other than riding on a few pallets this is the first time trying it out.
  7. I still have the footage from riding that bike. I will post back when I upload it to YouTube. Thanks!
  8. Matt24. I tried not to make the video too long. I probably could have made a few clips shorter but pleased to hear you like the video. Yes I used to go to that spot with Dave Marshall, was a really fun to ride on those walls. I used to practice front wheel taps a lot, I could make that tap in the clip from 2005 but I don't seem to have any evidence of it anymore ! Thanks!
  9. thanks for the comments . In 2003 I would have take a lot of attempts to just get one line on camera! The first Yellow frame is a (I think) - 2007 Echo Control, the shorter wheel base version. The second yellow frame is a Onza Limey IV. Thanks!
  10. I have made a similar video a few years ago but I thought I would update it to 20 years :-)
  11. As the rocks were a bit slippery I decided to ride some trials type lines on the side of the hill.