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  1. Hey man, get in touch with Antonio Claret on facebook, he is based in Basingstoke, there also used to be a couple of riders that would come to London from Farnham, but i am not sure if they are still about!
  2. Have you guys been to Elvaston Castle? I think a couple of my mates might have seen you there
  3. Zach and myself mainly ride derby! There are quite a few others about, but probably struggle to get them out in the cold. Pretty sure Joe Oakley is based where you are! Long Eaton?
  4. I appreciate the share here Ross! Thank you! Thanks for the comments too guys!
  5. Hey guys! This Easter Tim, Antonio and myself were invite to Viborg Trials Club for their Trials Jams! A huge weekend of riding alongside Andrei Burton, Jonas Kristiansen, Thomas Pechhacker and many more! Unfortunately if you are looking for a video of the pro's... this is not the one. Nonetheless! Enjoy!
  6. Haha heard that too many times now! I have had this helmet for over a year! And actually quite like it!
  7. Done
  8. Mark, Kevin is trying to keep to topic, I would want this raised as part of the discussion in AGM, which has already been noted. Don't really understand why you are pushing. Kevin happy to attend, i am sure I will get an email when date is confirmed.
  9. I would like to see more support from British Cycling, I know people have said they are whatever they are. But I think they are quite key if we want this to grow. It would be good to understand where they are coming from and if we can work towards something to make it happen. Barbara has mentioned they are happy to support the schools, if this is so then maybe we should focus more on the school rather then the competitions. Schools will bring in new riders, which will also bring in more competitors. Effectively I think by helping schools, we will grow the competition scene as a by product.
  10. Had a great time in Antwerp as always! The event had a record turn out of riders this year! We were all supposed to fancy dress for fun on the ferry there which worked out pretty well! Tim was supposed to be Yoshi! Unfortunately, his costume didn't make it in time! Turns out we did more fancy dress filming then riding filming! Heres a little video made by Tim Rodriguez! Antonio Claret Steve Rodgers Dan Wheeler Tim Rodriguez Andrew Chai Enjoy!
  11. Can you share what tends to be discussed at a agm? And how it is run? Who normally attends? it is probably worth starting a new topic focusing on this. Then forum members can add accordingly. As said before happy to help and am genuinely interested in how this progresses.
  12. I use "we" because I want to get involved and help. The competition ask for observers when required, no one asks for help with clearing up. I haven't been asked to help set up. You might argue it's initiative or common sense, but simply, we cannot go around expecting things to happen without asking. Make it all the riders duty to clear up after a comp give yourselves a break. I am sure it would be done, when people are asked politely no one would say no. but if you just expect, then I do not think you can complain when it doesn't happen. Everyone has different expectations and I am sure if riders were told to expect to have to clear up you wouldn't have this problem.
  13. I am down with Tim Rodrigues, Antonio claret, steve Rogers and Dan wheeler