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  1. that bike is cool as it is .. looks like my old ride! miss it!
  2. i have a brand new dcd in a box still in my box of holly grail parts!!! and i havea origanl crud catcher for the downtube and some where for my 26 mghz pashley, the bubble rap top tube protector! old school is the way to go, got a giant martyn hawyes trials bike built up, pashley and a zero! LOVE THEM
  3. Sent you an email about the echo frame...

  4. Pm'ed about stuff.

  5. lots of trials parts for sale!

  6. got bills i urgently need to pay so trials stuff for sale

  7. yeh sorry .. us haha, well if your looking around 500 british sterling then i would say your best of looking at onza, as they give you a little more for your money compared to low end koxx bikes
  8. hello, can't you get mongoose trials bikes out there, i heard they did cheap builds??
  9. i agree to this chap, blade for the win!
  10. hi mate, best thing to do is do a search for this .. there is lots of topics onit, cheers
  11. looks like i might have a look into this then, really nice bike!
  12. i will have a chat with one of my mates, think he still has in his shed a body chez replica built .. ill let you know! And of course welcome back ..
  13. troyston you are my friend a legend!
  14. is there any news on a uk distributer?
  15. like the fact you have no brakes ... good stuff, keep it up!