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  1. Nice riding. Looks fairly effortless too. Quiet brakes are soo much better. Is that an echo mk6 BTW?
  2. Yeah I actually really like it but as bikes have moved on I'm tempted to go higher BB etc. See how I get on. Just snapped the front lever the other day so more bit to sort. All part of the fun. Cheers for the offer on the fork but hopefully should be fine
  3. Been getting the the bug back a bit the last few months. Thought I'd get a few pics of the old steed up. Not so modern but it works
  4. Cheers I do like the look or the Jitsie frames but the snail cams make me want to vomit, never used them but hate the idea. Any experience?
  5. Well it might come to it yet.
  6. Cheers for the ideas. I think I'd rather get some in the UK at the moment, seeing a lot of issues with imports at work so don't fancy getting a frame lost. But might have to if Is there much due in? @Adam@TartyBikes
  7. I've been looking for a change of frame 26" and after putting a massive dent in the downtube it's probably needed soon. Seems like there's not much available, like the rest of the industry. I've looked and tarty and trials addict. Where else?
  8. Just found this thread, what a build! I had a very similar one many moons ago... About 20years ago ?
  9. Cheers all. I'll give them a try!
  10. Cheers I might need to go that route if I can get a wider one
  11. I've just starting doing some riding again and my rear rim is about ready to die. I run a Chris King rear hub I bought about 20 years ago which is 36h and I'd like to keep running it. Does anyone still make 36h rear rims for 26" anymore?
  12. Matty mentioned you were getting another bike! I've been out a few times myself the last month or so
  13. that was a good watch. the editing always sets his videos apart from the rest. bring on the next step i say
  14. Is this the same webster who used to ride a koxx levelboss man moons ago. If so ive not seen much of him till lately
  15. Cheers for that JKH. I couldnt remember it being that bad quality last time i watched it. AndyT original is much more like. This guy always makes me want to buy a mod! sign of a good rider i guess.