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  1. Reminds me of a Muiller corner
  2. I've been watching mr robot, weird but very good.
  3. Good job you avoided the lunatics that decided have a protest on the runway!
  4. Yeah just using contactless is the best option. Can then use the buses too if you need and there's a daily cap on how much you can spend.
  5. Can't stand Evans but I thought Le Blanc wasn't actually too bad. The reliant challenge was boring and pointless.
  6. I guess this is aimed mostly at the encyclopedic knowledge of Tarty Adam but my brother has just bought a Mx5 that's turbo'd and it needs a ecu and a proper mapping session. Can anyone recommend someone? Preferably south east/London way cheers.
  7. Live for speed used to be a pretty good racing sim and they were constantly developing it, dunno what it's like now though?
  8. Herpes.
  9. Does anyone know of anywhere cheap to stay near to: SO45 5TD, Dibden Manor in hampshire? I'm going for an assessment day that starts at 8:30 and its a 3 hour drive from where I am and need to be refreshed. Had a look a a few hotels and they're all like £80 and I was honestly expecting half the price! Would even put up with someones sofa for the night + beers for them if anyone fancies being an absolute chap? Date of the assessment is 4th November but could change. Cheers
  10. I've used the mypre from them and personally didn't think it done much if anything. Good for some intra BCAA though.
  12. That sounds spot on really for the money! I really like the subtle styling of them and how easy you can get good power out of them. Definitely going to look into it.
  13. I'm seriously considering an S3 and yours seems rather fruit! How much and how many miles if you dont mind me asking?
  14. Is there an mx5 forum of something where someone will fit it it for you for beer money and a reach around if you get the roof. Normally there's some pretty helpful and willing people!