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  1. I've always thought this must have been the best group ride EVER.
  2. I can roll down the hill to either of these spots in about 5 minutes (Toad & Wellington).
  3. Yep. If I come to Margate/Ramsgate, it'd need to be in the morning for me since I'm going to drive to Bournemouth later in the afternoon. You're welcome to come to Tunbridge Wells - it's very good for natural, but not for street and therefore perhaps not ideal for beginners. Perhaps there's other stuff inbetween us?
  4. No problem if you're not around this weekend, and I'm pretty relaxed about what there is to ride. I'm usually pretty busy with family stuff myself, but might be free the Saturday 28th as well if you're interested?
  5. Hi everybody. I'm toying with the idea of coming out on my bike this weekend - despite the weather. I haven't ridden in 18 months, but can only assume that I'm still amazing. Whereabouts in Kent do people live - Margate, Ramsgate, Maidstone/Ashford by the looks of things. Any good spots/locations worth getting in the car and driving to? Anybody out and about? @Tractor62 @Connorh320 @marg26 @Nisodemus @musicality
  6. Horrendous quality video and pretty basic riding but I miss all that this video is about. I love the rock soundtrack, the old bikes - the one-hander off the 5ft drop should be applauded. There aren't enough pixels to see it, but you know they're all having fun. I don't care that there's no Go-Pro or drone footage. I'd make videos like this all day long if I thought anybody other than me would watch them. I remember a friend and I once made a 3-minute video with a hand-held webcam that could only record 10 seconds of footage. We'd go riding for 3 miles, record one clip, then cycle home to upload it. Those were the days.
  7. What's a retro trials comp?
  8. Laughed hard at that. I loved how Clive was able to indulge Kris and Ed by building more or less anything they wanted. Perhaps if either of them had continued to ride trials seriously there’d be more examples of innovation from L3350N 81K35.
  9. Came off Facebook in 2012 and have never looked back.
  10. That’s made my Christmas. God bless x
  11. J-Lo’s without doubt my favourite rider. His NWD7/NWD8 videos were awesome.
  12. So, so good.
  13. A like the bouncy manual over lines at the 12 second-mark. The beautifully lush grass deserves a mention too.
  14. At first I thought it had been edited with a filter, so that the background was black and white but the bike, the occasional red car and double yellow line popped out in colour. I realised at about the minute mark, that’s it was just a grey day in a grey town. Aside from your Street Fighter aggression and trying to slam a soft-close door (you dropped your jumper by the way) I loved it. You have a really lazy style, which is a compliment. The massive hooks and side hops looked like you couldn’t be arsed, was doing them against your will, but smashed them anyway. All to do with the slow and casual run up instead of blasting towards things at pace. Nice work.
  15. 20 years old this summer! WELL worth a watch if you’ve never seen it before.