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  1. Gymnopedie no. 1 by Erik Satie is my absolute favourite.
  2. Pussy I’m going to define trials at it’s core as being the concept of riding a bike through a section of obstacles. I’m also going to avoid listing the arbitrary skills required to meet each standard. I like the notion that where a beginner might struggle through lack of confidence, experience or ability to make it through a section, an intermediate rider has the balance, conviction and skill to slowly work their way through most/if not all of the section, but has to find solutions in order to overcome problems. An expert rider however has no issue at all, and is able to use more advanced moves to quickly and effortlessly complete the section.
  3. You ask any question you like, this is a safe place. I loved your video, but just had a nagging feeling I’d seen a big boy bike do a bar to nosepick before. Perhaps I’m wrong, and yeah, that video is awesome.
  4. How dare you. I’d have thought the likes of Sam Pilgrim have beaten you to the punch on this one.
  5. Hi, loved the video and I’ve not come here to start an argument, but I’m confused by the suggestion that the bar spin to nose pick might be the first done on a mountain bike. Perhaps the first one done on a stock trials bike, but even that seems like a reach. Loved the riding.
  6. We used to ride together in London back in the day. You lived in Croydon if my memory serves me.

    I hope you’re well.

  7. I’ve never understood what these numbers mean.
  8. I’m all over three, maybe four of those.
  9. There’s no set order for learning trials; I’ve seen riders who go really big on tyre taps and 360s but can hardly track stand or do a controlled backhop. I also feel that getting up something is usually a lot safer than drops or gaps, so just find a wall 6 or 7 bricks high, put your front wheel on it and LIFT as if your life depended on it. Good luck!
  10. Here's how I did it when I was learning. I'm going to assume you're right-footed. Don't start with a really low wall or a kerb - 6 bricks high will be easier than 3 bricks high because you'll be in a more natural upright position. Choose a wide wall with a long flat top so there's no need for accuracy. Roll up to the wall at 90-degrees and put your brakes on. Slowly and calmly hop yourself into position. As per usual your right foot should be forward and your left foot should be back. The closer you get to the wall at this stage, the easier the wheel-swap will be as there's less distance for the rear wheel to travel. Your left foot and bottom bracket should be nice and close to the wall. Lean your head, neck and shoulders forwards over the bars, compressing your body downwards into the tyres. Think happy thoughts, like Robin Williams in Hook. Snap and bounce back up again, lifting up with your feet, ankles, legs and arms. As you're lifting, twist to the left mid-air to make sure you land on top of the wall at a nice 90-degree angle. Give it everything you've got. 100% effort and loads of brute force can often get you up despite poor technique. Lift nice and high keeping your arms up, keep the back brake on and you should end up in your desired position (3b). Like Adam says, greater results can be achieved by releasing the back brake and pushing down on the pedals. Momentum will help you get even higher once you've got the basics in place.
  11. Regardless of any Old English, Celtic or Latin translation, calling it CANT TRIALS makes it sound like all the members are shit at riding. That logo is excellent though. I don't have the Facebooks. I'm unable to make 9th February but look forward to meeting up in the Spring.
  12. I've always thought this must have been the best group ride EVER. All on the 'Contact' video for those who missed it first time round. 8 mins for UK footage.
  13. I can roll down the hill to either of these spots in about 5 minutes (Toad & Wellington).
  14. Yep. If I come to Margate/Ramsgate, it'd need to be in the morning for me since I'm going to drive to Bournemouth later in the afternoon. You're welcome to come to Tunbridge Wells - it's very good for natural, but not for street and therefore perhaps not ideal for beginners. Perhaps there's other stuff inbetween us?
  15. No problem if you're not around this weekend, and I'm pretty relaxed about what there is to ride. I'm usually pretty busy with family stuff myself, but might be free the Saturday 28th as well if you're interested?