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  1. Have you watched it yet?
  2. Evolve is amazing. Watch Evolve. Watch it now.
  3. Love that video.
  4. Washington. Right now. There are no words.
  5. I am slowly but surely building a staircase flanked by flowerbeds which will lead to a lawn. It’s rough around the edges, but will be rendered, painted and planted to cover up any imperfections.
  6. Pretty good That wall in Wandsworth was always a hook - nobody was going straight to back!
  7. What’s Steam? Edit: Okay, no need to explain, I’ve just searched for it. Never heard of that before. I’m really out of touch.
  8. I’m the same. I can solve it in just under 3 minutes and I’m perfectly happy with that.
  9. Yep, I’ve never found the remix either. I used to have the Wandsworth section (steep grey walls where Ashton snaps his chain and everybody shits themselves) as a local riding spot for a few years as well.
  10. Easy for me to say now, but that’s probably easier than it looks. You just need to drop to two wheels and hold on tight. Is it sturdy?
  11. I’d never seen that. Really good.
  12. It’s almost like the Tories are doing a bad job.
  13. Marmite in general, but particularly why it doesn’t spread properly. When I make it for others (you know, the deviants who eat Marmite) I end up massacring the bread. Crunchy peanut butter isn’t any better.
  14. Or Otherside RHCP maybe?
  15. Could spend all day thinking about this and still not come up with an answer.