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  1. Mission accomplished Nick. Nice change of pace.
  2. I still stand by this.
  3. Agreed. I watch Sam Pilgrim, Sam Reynolds, Seth (Berm Peak), Seth (Backyard Trail Builds) and Skills with Phil. They all make me want to sell my house, move to the country and build dirt jumps in the back garden.
  4. Stealth.
  5. We have the same laundry basket.
  6. They show plenty of affection, in fact just the right amount for us. I’d just rather they didn’t bring home injured/dead animals.
  7. F1

    Kimberly Raikonnen just looked like Kimi in a wig.
  8. My cat keeps bringing live mice into my bedroom at 3am. I’ve got very good at catching them in a Pringles can, but ideally I’d stay asleep.
  9. Funny that. Keep it up, you’re looking good.
  10. My bars have creaked for 15 years.
  11. Loved the bash guard action. Ryan Leech would be proud.
  12. Dave’s definitely 18+. I think his point was, what age group would his skill set be comparable to. How good are 12 year olds nowadays? What is poussin class? Etc, etc. Comps are (wait for it) comp-licated.
  13. I just think he has a smug ‘holier than thou’ attitude when it comes to food.
  14. I really hate Jamie Oliver.
  15. Oh my.