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  1. A like the bouncy manual over lines at the 12 second-mark. The beautifully lush grass deserves a mention too.
  2. At first I thought it had been edited with a filter, so that the background was black and white but the bike, the occasional red car and double yellow line popped out in colour. I realised at about the minute mark, that’s it was just a grey day in a grey town. Aside from your Street Fighter aggression and trying to slam a soft-close door (you dropped your jumper by the way) I loved it. You have a really lazy style, which is a compliment. The massive hooks and side hops looked like you couldn’t be arsed, was doing them against your will, but smashed them anyway. All to do with the slow and casual run up instead of blasting towards things at pace. Nice work.
  3. 20 years old this summer! WELL worth a watch if you’ve never seen it before.
  4. Great topic, cheers for going to the trouble of posting. Is it me or did trials used to be ‘cooler’ for want of a better word and a bit more raw back in the day?
  5. They tried, they failed. At least they tried.
  6. Strangely captivating. I haven't seen such a gripping narrative since the intro to Tricks & Stunts
  7. I got 44 seconds in and couldn't take any more. To put that comment into perspective, I just noticed my YouTube adverts are for wooden flooring, proof if need be that I am now a grown up.
  8. I have entered a competition, but not within the last 5 years, therefore I'm already stumped by your first question. 1. When was the last time you entered a UK bike trials competition (either national or regional)? In the last month In the last 6 months In the last year In the last 5 years I've never entered a competition
  9. Nice video, loved the line at 2:40 - as did those ladies. You're definitely in there. What bike are you riding, it looks awesome?
  10. My riding style is basically the same as Hans Rey - slow and sketchy. Great video. Hans Rey must be about 50 years old now right? He's doing well.
  11. Is his current bike not a 26" then - what is it? EDIT: - Just realised what I've said... it must be a 24". I'd forgotten they did those!
  12. I think circumstance plays a big part though. When you're 16 you feel like you're invincible, but if you're married with 3 kids and a mortgage, I can imagine you'd be less prepared to take a risk for fear of breaking a leg. Correct. Great video by the way. Very insightful.
  13. I think he's actually German. Great video gentlemen, I really enjoy your work.
  14. Watched Spectre today and wasn't massively blown away. It was good, but Skyfall was definitely better.
  15. "Turning around" was a particular highlight for me.