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  1. They look like a couple of nice spots to ride.
  2. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there, we need to contact Patsy Kensit. Her decision is final. Let’s say I’m on the back wheel struggling to keep my balance and I hop left a bit, right a bit, forward a bit, backwards a bit.... have I done a left-hop, right-hop, front-hop and back-hop No, I’ve just done four back-hops, each in a different direction. ‘Back’ refers to the wheel in question. To further cement this point, front-hops are hops done on the front wheel aren’t they, regardless of the direction you’re travelling in? If I use your definition, I could back-hop (hop backwards) on my front wheel couldn’t I?
  3. Amazing work, really impressive. Have you done anything like this before? Food for thought for you Rowan...?
  4. I called in that bomb scare. You’re welcome.
  5. What brand of vacuum was it? I’d strongly recommend Miele for your next purchase.
  6. I wish I had the time (and I wish there was the demand) to add to that map. I know I’m not special, but I’ve lived/worked/ridden in London my entire life and could certainly shine a light on a few miles of suburbs. Unfortunately for this post, I don’t know Ealing - sorry about that.
  7. Looks like a labour of love. Good luck, I’m interested to see how they finish up.
  8. I’ve always used Nitromors, but expect that would remove ALL paint, not just a single layer. I’ve limited experience here, but assume a better result would be achieved by stripping all the paint and completely respraying.
  9. More or less unchanged. I try to replace like for like and deliberately bought a Leeson for its longevity. I’ve had the same frame, fork, wheels, bar, stem, headset, bottom bracket and cranks since about 2004.
  10. Cheers buddy. Leave your address below and I’ll post you a signed copy.
  11. I’ve had 3 bikes in the same 20 years Having had the same bike for 16 years, it’s really interesting to look through all those different bikes! 2000 Kona Blast Barracuda Leeson Clear 660
  12. I bought a cheap one from Halfords and it was louder than Concorde. Also from a psychological perspective I found it difficult to give it full gas in the dining room. Not for me.
  13. Gymnopedie no. 1 by Erik Satie is my absolute favourite.
  14. Pussy I’m going to define trials at it’s core as being the concept of riding a bike through a section of obstacles. I’m also going to avoid listing the arbitrary skills required to meet each standard. I like the notion that where a beginner might struggle through lack of confidence, experience or ability to make it through a section, an intermediate rider has the balance, conviction and skill to slowly work their way through most/if not all of the section, but has to find solutions in order to overcome problems. An expert rider however has no issue at all, and is able to use more advanced moves to quickly and effortlessly complete the section.
  15. You ask any question you like, this is a safe place. I loved your video, but just had a nagging feeling I’d seen a big boy bike do a bar to nosepick before. Perhaps I’m wrong, and yeah, that video is awesome.