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  1. F30 M Performance Splitter by Simon Blades, on Flickr
  2. I might have to hit you up for a ride in a couple of months when I've got my bike sorted. I'm originally from Northallerton and used to ride regularly there back in 2005ish.
  3. Hi, Just got myself a trials bike and was wondering if there is anyone in the area who also still rides?
  4. Are either @Barbara Logan-Price or @Jo Prattley still riding trials? I'm from Northallerton and just got myself a trials bike again.
  5. I might give them a go, if I’m honest the best freewheel I had was the ACS claws and they were only 36 engagement points IIRC.
  6. I’m not so sure about York, I live just outside it and only have done for only about 2 years or so. I’m quite happy to travel to Leeds in the new year to try some places out
  7. Hi All, After 15 years out of trials, at the ripe age of 30 I've decided to scratch the itch and get myself another trials bike. After scouring through my profile I found old photos of my last trials bike which ended up in Beverley from memory, below are some photos on which were taken with a potato I recently got myself an Onza T-Bird off eBay, I remember having one of those around 2003 and thought it would be good to go back to something familiar. T-Bird by Simon Blades I've a few things I'd like to replace on it, primarily the freewheel as it has what feels like 10 engagement points! Thanks for looking
  8. Thanks. Are the Jitsie ones any good? I’m a little reluctant to pay £60 for a freewheel at the moment
  9. Is there a particular difference between the SR/TL?
  10. A 221ti was the bike to have way back then! Looks amazing.
  11. Hi Guys, Long time member returning to trials after a 15 year hiatus. I recently bought myself an Onza T-Bird off ebay for a steal, it's great to reminisce as I had one of them back in 2004! The biggest issue I have is that the standard freewheel has what feels like 6 engagement points and it isn't helping my sub standard skills. What do people recommend these days? A favourite before was an ACS Claws but they don't seem to be about these days? Thanks
  12. Didn't realise you once did trials too Dan!

  13. Bandit 600 by Simon_89, on Flickr My first motorbike, bought it when I was 21 and kept it for a year until realising I couldn't really afford to run a car and motorbike so sold it and went on holiday with the money. Do wish I had kept it a little longer though.
  14. All sorted, thanks!
  15. Yeah my username on is Simon_16v. Replying from my old account which I've just got access too just incase you thought I was replying on someone's behalf lol